Zimbabwe: Adjustment of the dates of the summer series

Zimbabwe Summer Series ORGANIZERS have adjusted the dates for the annual motorcycle event to meet the lockdown measures put in place.

The end of season motocross event was originally scheduled to start on December 8 with the Supercross, but now ends on December 10.

It will run until December 12 at Donnybrook Park Raceway, the birthplace of motorsport in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe Summer Series is organized by the Bogwheelers Club.

“Due to the new Covid protocols in place in the country and after much discussion and a lot of inquiries and requests for advice, we have decided to cancel the Night Supercross on Wednesday December 8 and do a daytime Supercross on Saturday. in its place to try to leave the race time without a curfew hanging over our heads, ”said the organizers in their communication to their members.

This follows the tightening of the curfew, which is now from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The Zimbabwe Summer Series will start on Friday December 10 instead of December 8 with the Supercross event starting at 2:30 p.m.

On the second day, the race starts at noon and the annual event ends on December 12 with a motocross that starts in the morning.

Registration is December 7.

This year’s Zimbabwe Summer Series will now only feature local runners, as participants from outside the country are no longer coming due to tightened lockdown measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Anyone entering Zimbabwe has to undergo a 10-day quarantine and with the event drawing near, foreign runners would not get here in time to meet all requirements.

Participants were expected from Zambia, South Africa and the UK.

Speaking to the Herald on Thursday, the secretary of the Bogwheelers Club, which organizes motocross in the country, under the direction of Motorsport Zimbabwe, Jamie Kerwin, confirmed that it will now be a competition of local riders.

“The increased lockdown measures have obviously been a big blow. Unfortunately, due to the implementation of the quarantine, no outside riders will be present this year,” said Kerwin.

They were expecting 10 riders from Zambia, among them to be part of the annual event and they would be racing in different classes which include the 85cc, MX3 and Masters.

Seasoned Zambian runner Dale Holliday was expected to lead his Zambian counterparts. He had confirmed his participation before this week’s developments.

English rider Tyler Mabika was supposed to honor the event but is not coming so well for the same reasons.

The 14-year-old was eager to compete in his home country but will have to wait for another opportunity.

Kerwin said restrictions on the number of spectators who can attend sporting events have also affected their events as their competitions depend on spectator support.

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