Why I Store My Motorcycle For The Winter At A Local Store – Winter Storage The Right Way

I have been riding motorcycles in Toronto, Ontario for over a decade. It’s been so long since I remember myself without a bike. Living in Toronto, Ontario, I can use my motorcycle from early April to mid/late October, depending on weather factors like rain or temperature. I’ve had several different bikes over the years; I now drive a late model BMW R Nine T with all the bells and whistles, including heated grips, which help me last longer in the cold weather. It really saddens me when the bike has to go to a col garage for the winter.

In the past, my winter motorcycle storage ritual involved doing a quick oil change, plugging in a trickle charge, and throwing a blanket over the bike. Some years I couldn’t even hook up the battery because I lived in a downtown condo. In the spring, I prayed to the motorcycle gods that my bike would be in working order when a nice day finally arrived.

One day in the winter of 2019, I went to check on the motorcycle; to my surprise, she was gone! Toronto police investigated and recovered footage of two guys throwing my beloved bike into a van. Unfortunately, that was the last time I saw her. This example helped me realize that I really needed to improve my winter storage habits.

I did some extensive research and was lucky enough to come across an advertisement on Youtube from a local company – OTOMOTO, which has since been a game changer. I drop my bike off when I’m ready, usually when temperatures start to hit the low numbers.

They do an oil change throughout the winter storage period and cycle my battery. Their warehouse is under alarm and video surveillance. I now feel comfortable knowing that my bike is as safe as possible during the winter months. In early to mid-January, I know I’ll get an email outlining the recommended maintenance required to keep the bike in top condition. A few weeks after approving the work, I receive confirmation of completion. The bike is still in excellent condition in the spring and I just have to ride. I would never store my motorcycle any other way for the winter. I let the pros take care of that!

Toronto Motorcycle Winter Storage

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