Whitmer signs massive economic development agreement

More money for more projects, hopefully leading to more jobs. Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a massive economic development bill in Detroit on Monday.

“When the Ford Motor Company was making decisions, there were a number of people courting it,” Governor Whitmer said. “They weren’t really looking at us because I’m thinking of our reputation, in terms of lack of tools. Now we are doing it.

It was a shock to the state. The state that was built on manufacturing and made the middle class. Michigan is no longer stacked.

“Site availability and readiness have rapidly increased as deciding factors for companies considering future investment and expansion,” said Whitmer.

A new bill signed by Whitmer Monday spends more than $ 1 billion in developing such sites and encouraging businesses to use them.

“I told MEDC if they need us to move a mountain, tell them we’ll move a mountain,” Whitmer said. “If they need a mountain, tell them we’re going to build a mountain. We are here to solve the problems.

The mountains are expensive. Many say this is just a well-being check for a handful of mega-businesses.

“It’s not just urban, it’s rural,” said Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth. “We’re going to make sure the money is put to good use.”

Part of the bill ensures that the legislature has the final say on where the money goes and to whom. It will target big budget projects and smaller sites for rural areas.

“It’s not a cash donation,” Wentworth said. “It’s about recruiting and getting companies to come and locate in Michigan.”

Both sides have touted bipartisanship with this deal. One of the few compromises we’ve seen and maybe some momentum for them to continue.

“When the legislature has a seat at the table, it means better results for Michigan and the same here,” Wentworth said. “When the governor is at the table and the legislature is at the table, we will have better results for the people of Michigan.”

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