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I never thought I would feel motorbike nostalgia for an old bike – after all, for a very long time, I thought bikes were just means of transportation. But as my ride has evolved along with the mileage I’ve covered on multiple motorcycles, I’ve come to realize that there’s one particular bike that I still can’t seem to forget – and one day. , I hope to track her down and buy her, even if it’s just for memory.

The old twin of Africa

The motorcycle in question is an older Honda Africa Twin model. Granted, the new model is sleek and beautiful, but the old one will always be the one for me if I ever put my paws on it. The reason is simple: in 2015, when I returned to Europe after almost two years of riding in South America, I felt ready for a Big Adventure Bike. Which one, I had no idea; I just knew I wanted something more substantial than the 150cc I had left in South America.

Alas, I didn’t have any bikers at the time; I learned to ride on the go, and when I got home none of my friends rode. Luckily, I came across a forum dedicated to Africa Twin owners, and they ended up inviting me to their annual meeting. One of the riders let me ride his Twin for a day of offroad and orienteering, and although at the time the bike was way too big and too powerful for me, I didn’t will never forget the thrill of riding that white, red, and blue beast bike with a pack of other racers chasing each other on wide open gravel roads. Thanks to the kindness of these guys, the old Honda Africa Twin will always be the bike for me.

Have you ever felt nostalgic for motorcycles, and which motorcycle would you resurrect if you could?

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