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Q: Riverside’s Wayne Banker asked about the signs he sees on freeway ramps: “Motorized bicycles are prohibited. He asked how motorcycles are allowed on highways in light of these signs. “What’s the difference, isn’t it a motor bike?” Banker asked, referring to motorcycles.

A: There is a difference, and it has to do with engine size and how motor vehicles are defined by California law. There are many types of so-called “motorized vehicles”, including motorcycles, mopeds, motorbikes and motorized scooters. The differences are explained on the California Highway Patrol website at this link: https://www.chp.ca.gov/programs-services/programs/california-motorcyclist-safety/motorcycles-and-similar-vehicles. Or go to the CHP home page, https://www.chp.ca.gov and click on “Programs & Services”, then “California Motorcyclist Safety Program”, then click on “Motorcycles and Similar Vehicles “. The web page explains the differences and includes details such as helmet and license requirements and includes photos of the various vehicles featured.

A motorcycle is defined as “a motor vehicle equipped with a seat or saddle for the use of the driver and designed to move on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground in accordance with California Vehicle Code (CVC) 400 (a) and whose engine displaces more than 150 cubic centimeters (150 cc). A motor cycle is defined as “a motorcycle with an engine that displaces less than 150 cc according to California Vehicle Code 405″.

15 Lake Elsinore Freeway Ramp Update

If you drive Highway 15 in the Lake Elsinore area, you already know that the area has been under construction for some time. Well, now is the time to pay attention to a new traffic pattern that is in effect until early April. The previous northbound ramp 15 at Railroad Canyon Road temporarily closed this week and will remain closed until early April while crews work to rebuild the ramp.

The new northbound 15 ramp, located along Grape Street, opened on February 22. This is what drivers should use for now. Lanes are demarcated, traffic light timing is adjusted, and signs will direct drivers to use the “hook” on-ramp. The traffic light at Railroad Canyon Road and northbound on-ramp 15 were going to be removed, so eastbound drivers cannot turn left at this intersection. Once the existing on-ramp is rebuilt, both ramps will take you north onto the 15. For now though, here’s how to get in:

From East Diamond Drive: Go east on Diamond Drive in the right lane to Grape Street, turn right on Grape Street, then turn right on the northbound on-ramp using the right-turn lane .

From West Railroad Canyon Road: Go west on Railroad Canyon Road toward Grape Street, use the left-turn lanes at the intersection to turn left onto Grape Street, then turn right onto the on-ramp 15 heading north using the right turn lane.

From South Summerhill Drive: Travel south on Summerhill to Railroad Canyon Road, go straight to the intersection at Grape Street and turn right onto the northbound on-ramp from the right-turn lane .

From North Grape Street: Go north on Grape and turn left onto the new 15 ramp heading north.

Be careful and be patient!

The Riverside County Transportation Commission, in partnership with Caltrans and the City of Lake Elsinore, is upgrading the 15 Freeway Railroad Canyon Interchange. The project will improve vehicle safety and capacity by adding lanes, modifying ramps, and constructing sidewalks and cycle lanes.

Always remember that the construction schedule may change. If you’re on Twitter, follow @RailroadCanyon for updates. Visit https://www.rctc.org/projects/i15-railroad-canyon-interchange-project/ to learn more about this project.

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