Warzone Oktoberfest, Early Access Glitch Motocross Plotter Pack Revealed

A Warzone content creator has discovered an issue that allows players to pick up these two Tracer packs from the COD store ahead of schedule.

Mr. Marvel, a Twitch streamer and Tik Tok Content Creator, posted a video on how to take advantage of the problem and get your beer garden spirit a little earlier than expected. While the real-world Oktoberfest in Munich is canceled this year, Warzone players can still sport the appearance of the event for 2,400 COD Points or $ 19.99. Motocross fans can take the same path and arm themselves with a look that any X-Games pro would be jealous of.

Here’s how to get the prizes.

How to get COD: Warzone Oktoberfest, Motocross packs early

We have broken down the steps below:

  1. Launch Warzone: make sure you are logged into your account.
  2. Access the Operators menu.
  3. Select Beck (Oktoberfest) and / or Baker (Motorcross).
  4. Select “Customize” and choose Guten Tag and / or Stunt Double, respectively.
  5. While viewing these skins, players can click on the corresponding button at the very bottom of the screen to “View Pack”.
  6. Press the same button again to be taken to the purchase screen where either package can be purchased.
  7. Purchase the pack and wait for the items to be credited to your account.

In the event that the chosen skins are not immediately available, players recommend restarting the application.

The Oktoberfest pack contains the following:

  • Operator appearance “Lederhosen” (Beck)
  • Shot of the “Kolsch” assault rifle
  • Plan of the “Hefeweizen” submachine gun
  • Keg Tap melee weapon (knives)
  • “Tapped Out” finishing stroke
  • “Happy Hour” watch
  • “Tankard” pistol charm
  • “Prost!” Calling card
  • “Zum Wohl!” Emblem
  • Exclusive operator mission

During this time, those who purchase the Motorcross Pack will receive these items:

  • Appearance of operator “Motorcross” (baker)
  • Assault rifle blueprint “Checking the brakes”
  • “Booster” submachine gun plan
  • Blue Groove shotgun blueprint
  • “Motocross Helmet” Firearm Charm
  • Finishing stroke “Nailed”
  • “Bubble Gum” gesture
  • “Launch ramp” emblem
  • “Flaming Hoops” business card

We expect both packs to officially release on the COD store by mid-October.

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