UCO Grad returns to Oklahoma after motorcycle accident abroad

A recent graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) has made an incredible recovery after a horrific accident overseas.

Alexis Garcia graduated in December 2021 and the first thing he wanted to do was see the world.

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“My first stop was in Norway to snowboard, then I went to Jordan to see the city of Petra, as on my to-do list the seven wonders of the world is my bucket. I went from there. Jordan to Dubai and from Dubai to Thailand,” Alexis said.

Garcia’s three-month vacation turned into an unexpected six months abroad. He spent most of it in hospital after a motorbike accident on the way to the airport seriously injured him.

“I was under the truck and everything. Once I saw the video, I was like ‘oh my God,'” Garcia said.

The doctor told Garcia’s family that he had blood poisoning caused by bacteria and only had a five percent chance of living.

“My son was going up, down, down,” said Lilliana Garcia, Alexis’ mother.

Garcia could neither walk nor speak. He also suffered vision and memory loss.

“Honestly, I felt very depressed. I was just tired of all the pain, tired of lying in bed all day. I didn’t want my parents to worry, so I kind of put on a mask said Garcia.

Garcia underwent multiple surgeries and was treated for multiple infections.

“I just asked God if you do this. I wanted my son off the ventilator and promised to shave my hair,” Lilliana Garcia said.

The next day things started to change. Garcia was improving faster than expected, so her mother had her hair cut.

After three months in the hospital, Garcia returned home to Oklahoma in June.

“It was definitely a relief to see the family again. I mean it’s been six months,” Garcia said.

He said he was looking forward to catching up with his family and pal Roscoe.

Garcia said he still has a long and costly road to recovery. CLICK HERE to donate.

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