Two motorcycle riders die in crash with Ford in heavy rain storm in Wyoming

By Oil City Staff on July 6, 2021


CASPER, Wyoming. – Two motorcycle riders died from injuries sustained in a crash with a Ford vehicle in a severe rainstorm on Saturday, July 3 near Dayton, Wyoming, according to a preliminary accident report filed by Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Missouri residents Brett Dickerson, 56, and Robin Dickerson, 57, were both wearing helmets at the time of the crash, but their helmets came loose during the crash. Four other people were injured in the incident.

The WHP says the report of the crash arrived around 4:03 p.m. Saturday.

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“All of the vehicles were traveling over a mountain pass west of Dayton, WY on US 14 West,” said the preliminary accident report. “A severe rainstorm was falling in the area. The Ford was heading west and the two motorcycles were heading east.

“The Ford was going down a long descent that ended in a right turn. The driver attempted to take the right turn, but due to the very poor tread of the tires and the wet road, the Ford was unable to take the turn, crossing the center line in the path of the two motorcycles. .

The front driver’s side of the Ford collided with the BMW motorcycle.

“This impact caused the Ford to turn counterclockwise in front of the Indian motorcycle,” read the preliminary report of the accident. “The Indian motorcycle hit the rear passenger door of the Ford. Both motorcycles were thrown off the road into the ditch in an easterly direction. The two runners were also thrown into the ditch in an easterly direction.

“The Ford came to a stop uncontrollably on the easterly shoulder facing south-west.”

The WHP cites equipment failure and speed as factors that could contribute to the crash. The preliminary accident report indicates that the road was wet at the time of the accident. The accident occurred near the 64.05 mile post on US Highway 15.

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