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On September 25, motocross racers of all ages took to the Triple Crown Throwdown at Okefenokee MX Park in St. George. The throwdown is part of the park’s three-part racing series which is divided into different categories: Kids Stacyc, Kids 12 and Under 10 to 12 inch Open (or less), 12 inch Open, 12 inch Stock (no clutch) and The 12 inch open triple crown silver class.

There were various vendors and sponsors on site. White’s Repair, a store in Middleburg, Fla., Has set up near the track, ready to help with bike malfunctions and provide additional gear like goggles. Rob and JC’s YCF bike sales! Productions has been promoting Saturday’s event and the promoters plan to work on the two remaining races which will take place on October 30 and November 20.

Registration started at 9:00 a.m. and practice was scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. The 12 inch Stock was the first race, and it started at noon.

Each division held two rounds where the winner with the most points was then chosen. The winners are: Kids Stacyc: first place to Corbin Aravjo, second place to Mckenzie Davis and third place to Leah Barrington; Children 12 and under 10 to 12 inches Open (or less): first place to Abel Egge, second place to Axel Coquard and third place to Gaage Chiaverini; 12 inches Open: First place for Tommy Farace, second place for Nick Stokes and third place for Yannick Coquard; 12-inch stock (without clutch): first place to Cole Williams, second place to Tommy Farace and third place to Tommy Maxey; 12 inch open triple crown silver class: first place to Cole Williams, second place to Tommy Farace and third place to Nick Stokes.

The Open Triple Crown Money class totaled $ 3,000. Class winners were not immediately rewarded; instead, the winners have qualified for round 2 where they will continue to compete. According to Jake Ortiz, JC! Owner of Productions, the Silver Class is expected to grow as the event progresses. Williams, Farace and Stokes received a 100 percent refund for the day’s class.

“So let’s say we have 10 entries; we split the entry fee and refund the top three riders, ”said Ortiz.

He explained that the top three silver category winners must participate in all races in order to qualify for the prize. First place goes to the rider with the most points. However, other runners can come and go as they please. So, don’t get off if you missed the first race since the next ones allow free entry.

Other classes also received monetary prizes; first place received $ 40, second place received $ 20 and third place received $ 10.

Park owner Gary Burger explained that the Triple Crown Throwdown is just a family event. It is a place where parents, children and even professional runners can go out and enjoy the day.

For future spectators or participants, the pit bike track has a sideline and the park itself has motorhome and motorhome plugins for any overnight trip.

Stay up to date with Okefenokee MX Park via Facebook @OkefenokeeMXPark or visit the park’s website at Be sure to watch out for registration and gate fees.

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