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Jett Lawrence talks about his supercross victory in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Round seven of the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross series marked the start of the 250SX East campaign; Jett Lawrence topped the preseason talk and backed it up with a clear win in the first main event of the season. Five seconds was his margin of victory and he set the best time of the race by three tenths. Minneapolis, Minnesota was the scene of its fourth indoor victory. Three points is his advantage heading into Arlington, Texas next weekend.

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After the round, Lawrence spoke to the media about his triumph and touched on some poignant topics that are circulating. There’s no hiding from the fact that he gets more attention than his peers and interestingly he claims he doesn’t understand where all the hype is coming from as he sees himself as just another racer who did very little compared to its predecessors. . It’s a pretty honest assessment and one that could win him even more fans.

Vice-MX: Talk about running this race. You had Austin [Forkner] pretty close for a while and everyone commenting on how gnarly the trail was. Was it a steady pace or were you trying to manage it a bit?

Jett Lawrence: I would say just trying to deal with it – the track got pretty chewed up. It might cost you a little mistake, like missing a line, especially in that long beat where we were going three! It was definitely a big stretch for a 250F. During the transitions there were some ruts at the bottom, so I was just concentrating on staying in my line. Forkner kept me honest. I looked back and said to myself, “Shit! I can still see green. I had to make sure to stay on my toes there, but I could see both guys. They drove really well and kept me honest. I felt like it was a really good race – I had good pace and the track was really gnarly. I found a way to mount it. I was pretty happy with my pace and how I felt. It was a pretty good run around with the boys.

You looked comfortable on press day and throughout the day as well. Tell me about your weekend regarding bike changes and what contributed to your feeling comfortable today.

The bike changes were pretty good. I arrived with the bike feeling really good. It was just some clicker changes [once we got] here. The biggest change was in the engine – we went with a different primary from practice to the qualifying race, just because of the start. I was a little too aggressive on that. Coming in, I just took my time on press day. I could see on the trail that it was quite notched and sharp. I was just taking my time and felt like a lot of guys weren’t rushing to send big beats.

Everyone felt it and it was the same in training. I felt like some guys were sending it, but others were just taking their time and getting into the flow. I felt like it was a little different for me. I’m normally that dumb guy to send in and try to do those hero lines. I think it was a much calmer day – the bike handled impressively. There were only a few clicker changes, like I said, so I think that’s what helped me in the main event.

You know, you were going to race Anaheim 1. Was it weird getting into the frame of mind to race today? It was a one day race, you were stuck inside the stadium and there was no fan interaction. It was too cold to go outside and your warmth started in daylight. Was it a weird thing or did you feel ready to go the moment you showed up?

I was totally unaware of this. I was just excited to go for a run! I was a little boy in a candy store. I couldn’t wait to hit the trail. I was like, ‘I just want to go back and do more laps’ every time we got off the track. It was just to have a good time. I think Christian Craig said that on the West Coast – it’s just about being there and enjoying it. You never know what might happen in the future! The most important thing is that I was enjoying it today, having fun and talking to the riders.

For the past few years, I’ve been a real pain in the ass. I’ve been really focused on myself and I just think that’s not the way to go. I think Colt [Nichols] was really good about it last year, just talking to the riders. We all go there to do the same thing and I think that creates a little more respect for each other. I had a great day today, even without the win. I had fun riding my bike. I think it was more about being excited to race again.

Christian [Craig] is 30 years old and he realized he had to be in the moment. You are a teenager and you find out. So many people don’t realize this until later in life, so what made it sink in?

dazed [Darren Lawrence] just beat the information into me really. No just kidding ! I just think it’s being more mature and learning from other riders. There are a lot of riders who know a lot more than me and have a lot more experience, so I think it’s stupid if I don’t listen to them and learn from those guys. Just listen to the West Coast guys and even the 450SX class, learning what they say. I’m pretty sure I’ll learn something from Forkner and Cameron [McAdoo] this year too. I think it’s important to keep listening and learning from other people’s mistakes.

They conducted a poll to find out if you lived up to the hype during the broadcast. It’s hard enough to do without the hype or the added pressure on you. Do you accept that or do you wish you could blend in like everyone else?

I don’t really believe in hype, to be honest. I am no different from others. I see myself as a normal kid, an 18-year-old runner. Nothing crazy. I think everyone should be excited because this sport is so tough. So much time and effort is invested in this sport that no one really sees! I think everyone deserves the hype because it’s probably the gnarliest sport in the world. I can guarantee it. I don’t mind that though, because realistically on paper I haven’t done much compared to the other guys yet.

Do you feel like you have a target on your back, especially now that you have the red plate for the Triple Crown next week? Do you think the battle and success you’ve had in Pro Motocross will help you achieve that goal?

I think having the red plate always means you’ll have a bit of a target on your back, because you’re obviously that point-in-head guy. You really have to make sure you stay on it at this point because the points are so close. If I lose the red plate next week, I won’t be too worried, as long as I’m right there on the podium every weekend and I keep having good races. I think I know how to ride. I think it should be fine, but I’m definitely going to have a target on my back with the red plate. It could be about anyone and you want to pursue that guy. I hope everyone has a very good race and that we will have very good races, like tonight.

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