This Entertainment Company’s 1-Year Return Baffles Bitcoin, Tesla, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, AMD, Nvidia, and Ford

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. CMA is known as the largest cinema chain in the world and over the past year has delivered larger than life returns to investors.

Since April 2021, AMC’s 1-year stock return has outperformed many of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, tech and entertainment stocks: Bitcoin BTC/USD, Tesla Inc. TSLA, Walt Disney Co. SAY, Apple Inc. AAPL, Microsoft Corporation MSFT, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD, NVIDIA Corporation NVDA and Ford Motor Company F.

AMC is involved in the theatrical exhibition business. The Company owns, operates or has interests in movie theaters located in the United States and Europe. AMC differentiates itself from your typical movie theater with amenities like power recliners, MacGuffins full bars, and AMC Dine-In.

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As of March 1, AMC operated approximately 950 theaters and 10,600 screens. The company was founded in 1920 and is based in Leawood, Kansas.

Here’s how the returns break down from April 2021 to today:

  • Bitcoin is down from $58,092.60 to $42,260.30 for a return of -27.25%
  • Tesla went from $677.02 to $1,025.49 for a 51.47% return
  • Disney is down from $187.89 to $131.87 for a return of -29.82%
  • Apple goes from $133.00 to $170.09 for a return of 27.89%
  • Microsoft goes from $255.85 to $296.97 for a return of 16.07%
  • AMD drops from $82.76 to $101.00 for a 22.04% return
  • Nvidia drops from $144.00 to $231.19 for a 60.55% return
  • Ford drops from $12.51 to $15.05 for a 20.30% return

And finally, AMC went from $9.42 to $18.24 for a return of 93.63%

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