This electric motorcycle turns into an exercise bike for sport

GYMO-FIT is a concept of small electric motorcycle seeking to combine the useful with the pleasant: it rolls on the road, but also acts as an exercise bike or rowing machine for lovers of sports exercises at home.

Source: Gymo-Fit via Hibridos y Electricos

Here is an original concept of electric motorcycle highlighted by Hibridos and Electricos. Designer Raymond Wu had fun imagining a two-wheeler with hybrid functions: the GYMO-FIT, which bears his name, is just as capable of transporting you from point A to point B as of helping you Sport. residence.

Cycling, rowing machine and abdominals

This compact model can indeed be installed on an indoor support in order to offer three types of sports exercises: it turns into an exercise bike thanks to pedals integrated into the machine, in order to strengthen your legs; it is equipped with a rowing mode to work the back and shoulders; he finally proposes an abdominal exercise.

In rowing mode, the pedals lock to ensure good stability for the user. Strong elastic bands attached to the handles then allow movement without the bike moving. Also, the screen integrated into the GYMO-FIT changes its interface depending on your use.

calories burned

In “Ride” mode, the current speed, a GPS plan, the battery level and the weather conditions are displayed. As soon as the user starts an activity, a training mode is activated and indicates the calories burned. Sharing their performances on social networks to confront them with the community is also on the menu.

This concept of electric motorcycle does not yet exist in the finished product state: for the moment, only a ⅓ scale prototype exists. In any case, it joins the fine list of concepts crossed in recent months, such as the Stellar Landcraft solar motorcycle, the BMW Concept CE 02 and the Icoma Tatamel Bike capable of transforming into a compact wheeled suitcase.

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