Thieves steal motorcycles from North Springfield warehouse

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Thieves recently stole motorcycles worth thousands of dollars from Sun-West Storage in north Springfield.

The storage facility manager said thieves broke into four storage lockers in midday on October 24.

A tenant, Todd Smith, was tending to his motorcycles inside, when he noticed something suspicious.

“They were sort of monitoring over there. Basically, they were examining it. “

Managers at the storage facility caught two men in security footage from a 2000-2002 Dodge Dakota truck, breaking into several storage lockers over the past weekend.

Manager Marsha Pope said she noticed something was wrong during her daily checks on Monday morning.

“Monday morning when I got here I noticed there were four units that didn’t have locks,” Pope said.

The owner of Sun-West Storage said he was fixing the front door last weekend. He thinks this is how the two men were able to enter their property.

Smith says the two men on camera stole three of his motorcycles from his storage locker shortly after leaving, which he says are worth thousands of dollars.

“It’s like getting a punch in the stomach,” Smith said.

“About $ 2,000 for each motorcycle. I’ve worked on it a lot, sort of collect older motorcycles, work on them and fix them and kind of feel attached to them.

Smith said he’s been working on these bikes for so long, they’re his brain.

“It’s kind of like kids, you spend a lot of time with them,” Smith said.

Smith said this act hurt a lot.

“It hurts you physically, it hurts you on the inside, it’s a horrible feeling,” Smith said. “It takes a while for it to go away and then it’s a real fight not to be really, really crazy.”

Pope said it was a rare event.

“Nothing had happened for a long time,” Pope said.

But Smith said he tries to stay on the positive side because things could have been a lot worse.

“I tried to stay very positive and remind myself that this is a property, it is just objects,” Smith said. “Fortunately, it was no worse than before.”

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