The motorcycle simulation platform is gone for the races

Many arcade machines can be emulated and controlled easily with the standard joystick and button combinations. However, a few don’t feel quite comfortable without the extra gear, with motorcycle racing games being one of them. So, no longer content to go to an arcade to get your fix, [The Q] welded its own motorcycle simulation platform to play racing games at home.

After an initial design was sketched, a rectangular steel tube was cut to size and welded with a MIG welder. A central shaft connected to secure bearings was the central pivot point. A few pistons offered the resistance needed to lean in the curves. To the central shaft, a seat and an old bicycle fork were attached. A clever connection of the handlebars to the base tilts the bike when the handlebars are rotated and vice versa.

The bike was ready for prime time after a few grinds, orange paint, a license plate, and a few lights and grips. [The Q] just need to integrate the angle of the bike in the simulation of their choice. While we expected a teenage microcontroller or whatever emulating a controller, [The Q] took a slightly simpler approach and 3D printed a cradle to hold a PlayStation controller. Small levers pull the strings to articulate the joystick, and a cable from the throttle grip pulls the trigger of the controller back. Overall, the experience looks pretty decent, especially when you compare it to a motocross arcade machine. What it really needs are fans blowing for the effect of the airflow coming towards you.

If you are planning to take out the MIG to make your own rig, maybe consider making a homemade racing rig to complement the bike.

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