The Hydra electric motorcycle concept is an awesome manga!

Akira may have been one of the most influential animated movies of the past few decades, but even Kaneda’s bike looks like an old moped next to it. Meet the Hydra, an HFC concept bike that pushes the boundaries of electric motorcycle design to a whole new place.

Designed by Anton Guzhov, Anton Brousseau and André Taylforth, the inner workings of Hydra were modeled in Blender 3D, an open source design package often used by VR, VFX and CAD modelers due to the results often hyperrealistic images that expert users can generate.

And, yes, it’s supposed to be a hydrogen fuel cell bike. That bulbous goiter that comes out of the “reservoir” is actually a tank full of pressurized hydrogen, which is then processed by the fuel cell to generate the electricity that powers the huge electric motor mounted in the middle. A Harley-Davidson-inspired belt drive sends power to the rear, while the whole bike gives off something of a Confederate (now “Combat”) or Curtiss vibe.

The trio put together this atmospheric, vibe-filled video showing the concept electric motorcycle being assembled, virtually, and then being driven through an industrial, dystopian setting – but I think a bike like this belongs parked right in front of something a bit more classic. Think of one parked outside the Lyric Opera House in Chicago and you’ll get the kind of “we all live in 2022 but this guy lives in 2222” kind of vibe that I’m trying to portray here. Give him a watch for yourself and see if you’re okay with it.

Once you’ve done that, scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think of a hydrogen electric motorcycle. Would you rather see something like the Gogoro or “Big4+ Italy” consortium battery swap system, or would a bike like this be more fun to charge up at a truck stop late at night, Mos Eisley style? Let us know!

Hydra electric motorcycle concept

spring | Pictures: Anton Guzhov, via Designboom.


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