The Foundation organizes a motorcycle rally to help injured first responders recover

Hundreds of motorcyclists gathered outside Columbine High School to support the MC-1 Foundation Sunday morning.

The organization was started as a way to honor the dead sergeant. David Baldwinwith the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and now helps support injured law enforcement officers and other first responders.

For Allan Fischerthe sight almost made him cry.

“It’s amazing,” he said.

Hundreds of bikers gather to support the MC-1 Foundation.


Fischer, a police officer from Wheat Ridge is one of three first responders injured in the line of duty who will receive much-needed help from the MC-1 Foundation.

Fischer was stabbed 12 times in the neck after responding to a suspicious vehicle call in April.

“Our backup arrived and they immediately grabbed me and started bandaging me. Wheat Ridge Police Constable Shaw saved my life that night,” he said.

Her daughter, who is also an officer with the Wheat Ridge Police Department, was on duty that same night.

“I choke on that, you know, just imagining what she must have been thinking,” Fischer said.

“You hear about it. You never think it’s going to happen…and of course it does, but for my dad. It was really tough back then,” his daughter said.

Just months into his recovery, Fischer and his family discovered that his department’s support simply couldn’t cover all of his needs, and that’s where MC-1 comes in.

“I felt like it was something that we as a community hadn’t done a good job of helping our survivors,” Mark Miller said.

Miller, a Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy, founded the organization in honor of Baldwin, his sergeant.

Baldwin was killed when his motorcycle was hit head-on by another driver. His call sign was MC-1.

“He can’t be here today, but we’re lucky to have Allan still here,” Miller said.

As the MC-1 Run recognizes survivors, the recent loss of Arvada Officer Dillon Vakhoff and Weld County Deputy Alexis Hein Nutz have not been forgotten.

A reminder to everyone that sometimes the best support comes simply by showing up.

“People say law enforcement is a brotherhood, when someone’s in crisis it can really come together,” Fischer said.

If you missed the MC-1 race this year, you can support their mission in many ways by visiting their site at

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