The end of the gas-powered Ford Mustang is almost here

Electric vehicles and the possibilities offered by advances in computing were on the lips of revelers last night as they gathered around the Lincoln L100 Concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Ford Chairman Bill Ford and Edsel Ford II, both great grandsons of Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford, were on hand to watch Lincoln Motor Company unveil its vision for the future.

“I just wish I was 30 years younger. It’s true. Because I think it’s by far the most exciting time of my career,” Bill Ford said. Newsweek.

“If you look at most other industries, most of them have gone through multiple revolutions in their evolution. You know, my great-grandfather would have come into Ford five years ago and it would have seemed like very familiar. Yes, there were a lot of improvements but there were no real revolutions. I mean, the car was still internal combustion, it was still sold by dealerships, it still had a steering wheel and four doors. I think now, if he were to come into Ford today, and certainly five years from now, it would seem very, very unfamiliar to him.”

The next Ford Mustang will be presented at the Detroit auto show on September 14.
Ford Motor Company

The evolution of Ford Motor Company is rapid. The Ford brand has already launched the F-150 Lightning electric truck, the E-Transit electric van and the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover.

The next generation of its Mustang muscle car is set to debut on September 14 alongside the Detroit Auto Show, which will feature events across the city. This car will also see an electric evolution.

“I can’t lie. The day we leave, and it will be in my lifetime, the last shifter Mustang with an internal combustion engine, I will be in tears,” Ford said. Ford is 65 years old.

The president’s father, William Clay Ford Sr., was chairman of the Ford Motor Company design committee when the first-generation Mustang was introduced in 1964.

2022 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition
The Ford Mustang Stealth Edition features black accents and wheels.
Ford Motor Company

“Everything is changing and nothing is going to be familiar,” Ford said, noting that the evolution of vehicles in the company founded by his great-grandfather would come quickly as the automaker moves towards its second generation of vehicles. vehicles where the Internet of Things (IoT) enables a more fully connected vehicle ecosystem.

“For nearly 60 years, the Mustang has been perhaps Ford’s most iconic and recognizable product. Its significance is unmatched, truly being seen as the car that fueled Americans’ thirst for fun and exciting sports cars. accessible,” said AutoPacfic analyst Robby DeGraff. Newsweek.

“Mustang has weathered some tough times. Competitors have come and gone, consumer demand for sports cars in general has slowed, and we’ve seen increasing regulation for better fuel economy. But, even in the midst of it all That, Ford prioritized the Mustang.They weren’t afraid to experiment and change things up.

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