The Emergency Department – 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Round 4 High Point – Who’s Inside and Out

Jalek Swoll suffered a concussion in the previous round and has a 50/50 chance for High Point. Photo: Simon Cudby

Jhe 2022 AMA Pro Motocross is in full swing and heads to round four at High Point, Pennsylvania. A piece present in the series since 1977.

So far in 2022, the Outdoor Series has had a quiet start to the year injury-wise. Something a little refreshing given the high numbers seen in the Supercross series earlier in the year.

But despite everything, we still have injuries. As I say in my Instagram post. Injuries are part of the bike. With a few key riders already exiting the series, Dylan Ferrandis, Austin Forkner for most likely the season, and Cameron Macadoo also missing a piece of the series. The injury list hopefully sees lesser injuries. Many cyclists will return to the outdoors in the not too distant future. Phil Nicoletti, Enzo Lopez, Dilan Schwartz and Jett Reynolds are all on the way back. Many have just returned to riding and full training. Ideally, these four guys are back in the middle of the season.

Austin Forkner’s This week’s Instagram story was interesting. Not only did he leave the show for a labrum (shoulder) problem. But it looks like he had other work done on his wrist and forearm. Not sure if it’s cleaning or removing plaques etc. past injuries or if there are several injuries he has faced this season? Hopefully we can bring you more soon.

Is anyone still concerned about by Eli Tomac Knee? I’m not. Like I said in this column last time. It would be a slow build for Eli and that’s exactly what he does. Besides losing his rear brake challenging Kenny last week, I think things are on track for a title chase against Eli this year.

Photo of AMA motocross rider Nate Thrasher
Nate Thrasher suffered a shoulder injury in Thunder Valley but is expected to face this weekend.

Aaron Plessinger seems to be moving slowly after his wrist injury in Supercross. Although he was back on track in the opener, his results haven’t quite reached the level of last season when he was a threat to podiums and race wins most weeks. Is it just a fitness issue after injury or is he still struggling with lingering issues with his injury? Time will tell once the series heads east and its most favorable leads present themselves.

On an Aussie fanboy front. It’s fantastic to have both Lawrence brothers run ahead every week and pitch it to AMA contenders. Let’s hope for a strong charge throughout the season from the boys.

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As always, if your favorite cyclist is on this list, chances are they are seeing a doctor or have been to the ER recently.

(David Hogan – @always.motorcycle on Instagram)

Discover more in-depth conversations about all injuries in our sport on the AlwaysMoto Podcast on your favorite podcast app.

This list contains those we know to be injured. What is this injury, as well as when we expect them at the races. Maybe a few extras if you’re lucky!

If we missed a runner or got the wrong injury update, let us know. [email protected]


Jalek Swoll #31 – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna
Injured When? Round 3 – Valley of Thunder

Hurt What? Concussion

Return to Driving Timeline – Depends on successful completion of concussion protocol. Could be back for High Point this weekend.

Prediction of the next race – ? Tower 4 at Highpoint

Benny Bloss #73 – BBMX KTM Team
Injured When? Round 3 – Valley of Thunder

Hurt What? Knee, AlwaysMoto spoke with Benny and he reported the knee wasn’t too bad. He planned to ride Thursday US time and see if he would handle this week’s race. He should be on the line at High Point.

Time to return to riding – 1 week

Prediction of the next race – ? Tower 4 at Highpoint

Nate Thrasher #49 – Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha
Injured When? Round 3 – Valley of Thunder

Hurt What? Shoulder. Always Moto checked in with Star Racing Yamaha 250 team manager Jensen Hendler midweek. Jensen said Nate will ride midweek to test the shoulder, but expects him to be ready to go Saturday at Highpoint.

Time to return to riding – 1 week

Prediction of the next race – ? Tower 4 at Highpoint

RJ Hampshire #24 – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna
Injured When? Round 2 – Hangtown

Hurt What? Lung, RJ confirmed with AlwaysMoto a lung laceration after a wooden stake entered his rib cage. Lots of blood spat out but luckily the lung didn’t collapse. RJ hopes for a quick return.

Time to return to riding – 1-2 weeks

Prediction of the next race – ? Round 4 at Highpoint but otherwise definitely Round 5.

Brandon Schärer #91 – ClubMX Yamaha
Injured When? Round 1 – Pala 1, but removed in Round 2 Hangtown

Hurt What? An accident at Pala resulted in compression fractures to his mid-thoracic vertebrae. After trying to ride at Hangtown and not realizing the extent of the injury, Brandon has now had scans and confirmed the injury.

Time to return to riding – 6-8 weeks

Next Race Prediction – Unclear at this time. Can sit out the rest of the season as he is not a full time rider for ClubMX but their team coach.

Austin Forkner #33 – Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
Injured When? Round 1 – Pala 1 (Sort of)

Hurt What? Shoulder injury. A labral tear that had been rife for some time this season has worsened. But this week’s Instagram story from Austin is interesting. Looks like he’s taking the time to work out a few other things to be healthy for 2023 SX. some work on the wrists and forearms has been done recently. No word on what injury or work required there, but good to see he’s using the time wisely to recover and be ready in January 2023.

Time to return to riding – This is usually an 8-12 week recovery time for the appearance of the labral tear.

Next race prediction – Out for Outdoors, I guess.

Cameron Mcadoo #48 – Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
Injured When? Round 1 – Pala 1

Hurt What? Broken sternum and bleeding in the lungs

Time to return to riding – 6 weeks.

Next race prediction – Round 7 at Millville pending sternum recovery.

Dylan Ferrandis #1 – Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha
Injured When? Press Day Round 1, Pala 1

Hurt What? Right ulnar collateral ligament – ​​Thumb

Time to return to riding – 8 to 12 weeks pending surgeons’ post-operative protocol.

Next race prediction – Round 9 – Unadilla at best. May be absent for the season.

Ongoing Supercross 2022

Luke Neese #75 – SGB Honda
Injured When? Round 15 – Foxborough

Hurt What? Scaphoid fractured at the wrist.

Return to riding schedule – Luke confirmed with AlwaysMoto on our podcast that he had surgery on Friday 4/29/22 and will be out for approximately 6-8 weeks after that.

Next Race Prediction – Outdoor Round 6 or later.

Phil Nicoletti #715 – ClubMX Yamaha
Injured When? Round 14 – Atlanta

Hurt What? Fractured ulna

Time to return to riding – 6-8 weeks

Next Race Prediction – Phil is finally back on the bike and I wouldn’t expect him to be back for another 4 weeks to get fit first. But he can come back in round 5 because there is a break in the schedule after round 4. We have to wait and see.

Dean Wilson #15 – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Race
Injured When? Round 13 – St. Louis

Hurt What? Buttock laceration. Resulting in a laceration of an artery that required 4 surgeries to treat ongoing bleeding. Dean is now managing his condition and the resulting low blood levels due to the injury. It will take some time for him to replenish his blood levels.

Time to return to riding – 6-12 weeks

Next Race Prediction – Out for probably a lot of motocross.

Jeremy Martin #6 – Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha
Injured When? Midweek after Round 8 at Arlington

Hurt What? Left shoulder – Labral tear. Had surgery and is on the road to recovery.

Time to return to riding – 3-6 months

Next Run Prediction – Mid to End Outside at Best. Given the announcement of his new team, I expect him to be out now until 2023 SX

Coty Schock #37 – Phoenix Racing Honda
Injured When? Tower 8 Arlington

Hurt What? Bruised lung, hematoma on the right shoulder and ACL and MCL tears in the left knee.

Timeline for return to riding – Unclear, Coty has undergone surgery but the timeline for return is unknown. Usually 5-6 months. Most likely for outdoors.

Next race prediction – 2023?

Jett Reynolds #124 – Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
Injured When? Tower 7 Minneapolis

Hurt What? Left hand fracture.

Return to riding timeline – I have just returned to riding after Pala 1. I would expect it to take 2-3 weeks before I return to racing.

Next Race Prediction – Rnd 5 Outdoors

Dilan Schwartz #40 – BarX Suzuki
Injured When? Tower 4 at Anaheim 2

Hurt What? Fracture of the humerus. Then, once recovered, he had another accident which resulted in a scaphoid fracture which required surgery.

Time to return to riding – 6-8 weeks.

Next Race Prediction – Expect him in Round 5-6 at worst. But there has been no update from Dilan on his status, so take that with a grain of salt.

Adam Cianciarulo #9 – Monster Energy Kawasaki
Injured When? Convenient to San Diego Rnd 3

Hurt What? ACL in his right knee.

Time to return to riding – 3 to 5 months pending the type of graft used to replace the ACL.

Next Race Prediction – Expect to be out for the entire away now that Joey Savatgy fills in. Probably a great idea for him to get really healthy and have some good physical shape under him in the 2023 Supercross.

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