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Mittens the cat is settling into his new life in Auckland

Mittens is probably New Zealand’s best-known feline friend. The ginger cat who became famous during his escapades in Wellington, has a huge fan base and even received a key to the city.

Mittens is slowly adjusting to her new life in Auckland.


Mittens is slowly adjusting to her new life in Auckland.

But the capital’s most famous cat packed up and returned to his hometown of Auckland earlier this year (with his owner of course).

Mittens is still adjusting to his new surroundings after the big move, but seems to enjoy spending time with his family.

Blenheim boy’s ‘super invention’ hailed by Tesla

When Cruz Graham saw a package marked “Tesla” in his mother’s car, he couldn’t wait and opened it in the school parking lot with his friends.

Scott Hammond /

Cruz has always been into construction rather than toys.

Inside was a handwritten note and a gray Model S, which now sits on his bedroom desk, and he is the only one allowed to touch it.

The 11-year-old has been praised by Tesla’s New Zealand division after building his own ‘Tesla’ – a wooden car on the chassis of a mobility scooter – to get around his neighborhood.

Cruz Graham received a car model and note in recognition of his


Cruz Graham was given a car model and a note in recognition of his “great job” by Tesla with his homemade wooden car.

He started the project during the first lockdown in 2020. Learning from online tutorials, it took him about three weeks to complete. Telsa NZ sent her the gift after seeing her story on Thing.

“We saw your awesome invention on the news and just wanted to thank you for your efforts to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy,” the company note reads.


Scott Hammond / Stuff

Cruz’s “Tesla Model Z” is equipped with an antenna, fan, turn signals and its own license plate with Cruz’s motocross racing number on it.

“If you are ever in Auckland, we would love to take you for a ride in one of our cars.

“For now, here’s a little something from the Tesla New Zealand team to show our appreciation for your outstanding efforts. Good job.”

Rescue dogs become local mascots in Rio

In Rio de Janeiro, two rescue dogs have become local mascots and budding online influencers.

Corporal Oliveira, a short brown-haired dog believed to be about four years old, showed up one morning in 2019 at a police station on Rio’s Governador Island, injured and weak, PA reported.

“I gave him food, water. He took a while to get used to me,” said police officer Cristiano Oliveira. He took the dog under his wing and Corporal Oliveira quickly became a fixture in the police station.

The animal has its own Instagram profile with over 45,000 followers. Fans love seeing their mascot in his police uniform, standing on armored police vehicles, motorcycles, or sticking his little head out the window of a regular patrol car. He even has a toy gun attached to his uniform, PA reported.

Another rescue dog, Caramello – a name inspired by the color of his fur – resides at the fire station which found him injured on the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain since he was rescued nearly a year ago. year. Meanwhile, the 11-year-old dog has amassed some 27,000 social media followers and drawn attention to good causes and campaigns, PA reported.

Fight cancer and follow your dreams

They say it’s never too late to make your dreams come true, but Rod Rutherford of Tīrau almost ran out of time when about 16 months ago he was diagnosed with cancer.

Rod Rutherford cycles through New Zealand to raise money for cancer research.


Rod Rutherford cycles through New Zealand to raise money for cancer research.

The 59-year-old is halfway through his battle with stage four clear cell kidney cancer and halfway to achieving his dream of cycling across the country while raising funds for the Cancer Society.

Rutherford, who is taking a break from driving tankers for Fonterra, is still taking medication and will have to return to Waikato in a few weeks for further tests and treatment, but said he was enjoying every minute of his trip.

The New Zealand love story in the spotlight

This couple got far more than they bargained for at The Warehouse, and their New Zealand romance has garnered international attention.

The couple didn’t want to become internet famous – they posted their wedding video online for their family to watch overseas and woke up to thousands of views.

Watch the video above and here on play tricks.

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