Technical requirements for stamping technology in the production of engine laminations

The stamping operation involves cutting metal into different shapes using dies. Stamping can be done in conjunction with other metal forming processes and can consist of one or more specific processes or techniques, such as punching, cutting, embossing, coining, bending, flanging and rolling. Punching removes a scrap piece when punching the pin enters the die, leaving a hole in the part, and also removes the part from the main material, and the removed metal part is a new part or a blank. Embossing refers to the raised or depressed pattern in the sheet metal by pressing a blank against a die containing the desired shape, or by introducing the blank material into a rolling die. Striking is a bending technique in which the part is stamped and placed between a die and the punch. This process drives the tip of the punch into the metal and results in precise, repeatable bends. Bending is a means of shaping metal into a desired shape, such as an L, U, or V-shaped profile, with bending usually occurring around a single axis. Flanging is the process of introducing a flare or flange into a metal part using a die, punch press, or specialized flanging machine. The metal stamping machine can do other tasks besides stamping. It can cast, punch, cut and shape sheet metal by being programmed or computer numerically controlled (CNC) to provide high precision and repeatability for the stamped part.Jiangyin Gator Precision Mold Co., Ltd. , and most custom engine laminations for ABB, SIEMENS, CRRC, etc. are exported to all over the world with good reputation. Gator owns copyright-free molds for stator lamination stamping, and focus on improving the quality of after-sales service, to participate in market competition, prompt after-sales service work and efficient, to meet the motor needs of domestic and foreign users. laminations.

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