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Taking after his mother, at age eight, Kash “Bird” Bostic became an accomplished motocross competitor. Throughout her teenage years, Cheyenne Bostic motocross on the road and he sort of died out (she quit to go to college). Now, like a phoenix (hence the “bird”), Kash has risen to take over where his mother left off.

Cheyenne Bostic met her husband, Kyle, while they were attending West Lincoln High School. MX racing is a family affair and a commitment of time and money. Cheyenne’s parents also returned to their old role as a supply team, this time for their grandson. His father, Jimmy Johnson was a mechanic at Al Lane’s Motorsports until his retirement. Now he’s the mechanic for Team Bird.

“Kash had a smaller bike, which was actually his brother’s,” said Cheyenne Bostic. “We just passed it around the house. He didn’t show much interest in the race until Al Lane reopened and we had a place to ride.

Just coming back from a broken arm that Kash suffered in his last race, he is also in the process of moving on to the next racing class where he has to compete on a bigger bike. He can still run on the smaller bike until he’s nine, at which time he can only compete on the bigger bike.

“We just got back,” said Cheyenne Bostic. “We will soon start running again. We do it because it makes him happy, so it makes us happy. We have an older son who just turned 15 – he loves all other sports. We tried baseball and football with Kash, but he wasn’t interested.

Team Bird’s goal is to qualify for the great amateur race held at Loretta Lynn’s ranch.

“They have to rebuild right now because of the flooding,” Cheyenne Bostic said. “You don’t have to win when you get there, just go for it.”

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