Surfercross brings together surfers and motocross athletes

SAN ONOFRE BEACH, Calif. – When do you see athletes competing in different sports at the professional level? Surfercross gives them that chance.

The event brings together surfing and motocross athletes, each competing in the other extreme sport.

“You have to respect each other’s sports,” said Surfercross owner Jeremy Albrecht.

Athletes from all over the country come to the event, even local pros.

“The biggest heavyweights on the motocross side, then on the surf side, you have world champions…it’s just the coolest vibe,” said local motocross athlete Tyler Jensma.

The competition is divided into two days. First day, motocross team races. Second day, team surfing competition. The event is by invitation only and it’s free.

The 23-year-old event continues to bring people back who want more.

“I’ve been surfing some big waves but nothing in my life has ever compared to being on the motocross track with all those pros yesterday,” said local surfer Skip Mccullough.

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