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CORONA, Calif., August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The world’s biggest street skate competition series is back! Monster Energy is proud to present the 2021 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Championship Tour with three weekends of premier skateboarding competitions. After stopping the visit at Salt Lake City, Utah (August 27-28) and Miami, Florida (October 29-30), the action will peak from November 13-14 with the official SLS Super Crown World Championship: Jacksonville.

Monster Energy has been a long-time partner and official sponsor of Street League Skateboarding (SLS) since 2010. Tickets for the 2021 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Championship Tour are on sale now on the Street League Skateboarding website.

“SLS is once again bringing together the world’s most talented skaters for the 2021 SLS Championship circuit. Salt lake city, Miami and Jacksonville for three unforgettable weekends of elite skateboarding and authentic skate culture, ”said Joe carr, CEO of Thrill One Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of SLS.

SLS Tour Qualifier Adds Three New Skaters To SLS Championship List

For a taste of the live action, the special SLS Tour Qualifier competition on Saturday July 31, saw a group of 32 invited street skateboarders compete for three coveted spots on the 2021 SLS Championship circuit. Played at the private facility Primitive Skateboards in Los Angeles, California, the event featured Monster Energy street skaters Gabriel Fortunato, Jhancarlos Gonzalez, and Philippe mota in a stacked field of the world’s best skateboarders.

The SLS Tour Qualifier allowed the most relevant and exciting skaters to compete in an official SLS scoring format. The guest runners came from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Japan, and United States. In the end, the following three riders won the top three places and qualified for the 2021 season of the SLS Championship Tour:

1st place Micky Papa (Canada) 26.5 points

2nd place Lucas Rabelo (Brazil) 26.4 points

3rd place Alec Majerus (United States) 25.5 points

As the youngest competitor in the SLS Tour Qualifier, Monster Army’s Philippe mota finished straight off the podium in fourth place. After qualifying for the final through grueling preliminaries and then advancing to Final 4, the 14-year-old from Brazil draw a perfect line including frontside heelflip boards, slide rail, kickflip pyramid, backside Black-smith Grind the kicker rail, backside kickflip tailslide the Hubba, heelflip the Euro Gap and bigspin frontside boardslide the rail for 8.0 points. In Best Trick, Mota had a perfect kickflip backside tailslide shove-it on the Hubba (8.2 points) and bigspin frontside bluntslide the rail (8.2 points) for a total score of 24.4 points.

Missed Saturday’s live broadcast? No problem! Fans can log in now and watch the videos showcasing all the action from Saturday’s SLS Tour Qualifier event. The TV showcase was produced by Thrill One Sports and Entertainment, the world’s largest independent action sports company. Full-length videos are now available to watch for free on YouTube, including the foreplay and finals.

Now that the live events are back, what does the 2021 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Championship Tour have in store for you? Simply put, the kind of groundbreaking tricks, intense rivalries, and wire finals that can only be found in the main pro street skateboarding competition series! Expect a hand-picked lineup of elite skaters – including recent Olympic medalists – battling for points in the SLS Super Crown Championship.

Monster Energy heads into the season with an elite roster including six-time SLS World Champion and current title holder Nyjah huston alongside teammates Ishod Wair, Aurelien Giraud, Matt Berger, and Olympic silver medalist Kelvin Hoefler.

In women’s street competitions, prepare for the 13-year-old skateboarding phenomenon and Olympic silver medalist Rayssa Leal of Brazil, American Fabienne Delfino, and 2021 female street skateboard world champion, 19 years old Aori Nishimura of Tokyo, Japan at the tour stops from the end of August.

Of August 27-28, the SLS Championship Tour: Salt Lake City & “by Tony Hawk Green Alert “brings excitement as a free public event at the Utah State Fairgrounds. The two-day skateboard showcase will also debut.”by Tony Hawk Green Alert “featuring a” Legends Demo “and the biggest, most progressive tunes and tricks in vertical skateboarding on Hawk’s state-of-the-art green ramp. Contest will also include the green Monster Energy rider and X Games gold medalist Shibata Motorcycle.

Then the SLS Championship Tour: Miami will continue the series at the SkateBird facility in Miami, Florida, of October 29-30. The stop of the SLS tour will mark the first major event in the newly opened and SLS certified street plaza. For the grand finale, the SLS Super Crown World Championship weekend will crown the 2021 Men’s and Women’s World Champions at Jacksonville Landing, Florida of November 13-14.

“SLS set the gold standard for professional street skateboarding and pioneered the format for our sport’s Olympic debut. Now we continue to raise the bar and move into the next era of skateboarding with the 2021 SLS Championship Tour, culminating with a spectacular final at Jacksonville Landing, ”said Carr, CEO of Thrill One Sports and Entertainment.

Fans can find tickets and information about attending upcoming SLS Championship Tour events on the official website Street League Skateboarding website.

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Also, be sure to watch the official video from Saturday’s SLS Tour Qualifier competition, live now here.

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