Short-term interest on Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (OTCMKTS:YAMHF) fell 18.2% in October.

In October, there was a significant reduction in the number of shares of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (OTCMKTS: YAMHF) that were sold short. There were 1,122,200 shares borrowed a month earlier, but as of October 15, there were only 918,200 shares borrowed, down 18.2% from the 1,122,200 shares borrowed a month earlier. This number comes from the fact that 700 stocks are traded daily on average. This means that the short-term interest rate is currently 1,311.7 days.

Yamaha Motor (OTCMKTS: YAMHF) released the results of its latest quarterly earnings report on August 5, a Friday. The company reported earnings per share for the quarter of $1.14, $0.34 higher than the consensus estimate of $0.80 per share among industry analysts. Yamaha Motor had a return on equity of 13.54% and the company’s net margin was 7.40%. Even though market watchers expected the company to achieve sales of $4 billion in the quarter, it achieved sales of $4.53 billion. Sell-side analysts expected Yamaha Motor to earn 3.33 cents per share in the current fiscal year.
Separately, Goldman Sachs Group rated Yamaha Motor as “neutral” in a study released Thursday, July 14, down from the “buy” recommendation they previously issued.

YAMHF’s price rose $0.26 during Friday’s midday trading session, and it is now trading at $20.33. Only 215 shares of the company were traded, a significant decrease from the 331 shares that are the industry standard for a single trade. The debt ratio is 0.33, the current ratio is 1.90 and the quick ratio is 1.19. All these figures are presented in the form of a ratio. The company has a price-earnings ratio of 5.71, a beta of 1.13, and a market capitalization of $7.11 billion. Over the past 52 weeks, the price of a Yamaha engine has fluctuated from a high of $29.11 to a low of $17.54 at various times. The company has seen a moving average of $19.82 over the previous 200 days, while the moving average over the past 50 days is $19.99.

Land mobility, marine products, robotics and financial services are some of the business areas in which Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries are active worldwide, including Japan, North America, Europe, Asia and other Regions. Other business areas include: Land Mobility is a division of the company that sells various products including motorcycles, reclined multi-wheelers, all-terrain vehicles, off-road recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, bicycles electric assistance, electric wheelchairs, automobile engines, intermediate and removable parts, among others.

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