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The Overton County Sheriff’s Department arrested a Christian on Saturday October 2 for drug trafficking after he was apprehended while driving a stolen motorcycle.

Deputy Timothy Reagan was on patrol on Highway 111 when he saw a green and black motorcycle change lanes “irregularly with no signage”.

According to his report, Dep. Reagan turned on his blue lights in an attempt to park the motorcycle, which instead took off south on Route 111 for about half a mile before coming to a stop.

“I asked the driver, Christian Horne, if he had a license, he said, not in his possession,” he said. Reagan’s report says.

The motorcycle’s license plate was not registered there, according to the sheriff’s department, and after performing the VIN, the motorcycle was reported stolen in McMinnville.

“When Horne’s license came back it was revoked for DUI”, Dep. Reagan’s report says. “I then told Horne that he was under arrest. He then tried to resume the cycle. I had to get my tazer out to obey.

A search of Horne’s person reportedly revealed methamphetamine and a methamphetamine pipe in his pocket.

Christian Dale Horne, 24, is charged with Theft of Property, Simple Possession of a Schedule 2 Substance and Possession of Drug Accessories.

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