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THE dates for the country’s first motorcycling event – the Zimbabwe Summer Series – have been announced and the event is expected to be honored by young Zimbabwean rider born in England, Tyler Mabika.

Jamie Kerwin, the secretary of the Bogwheelers Club, which runs the motorcycle sport of motocross in this country, told the Herald yesterday that this year’s Zimbabwe Summer Series will take place over three days on December 8, 10 and 12.

It will be held at motorsport headquarters in Zimbabwe – Donnybrook Park Raceway – and will feature two Supercross (night racing events) on December 8 and 10, and a full day of motocross action on December 12.

This year the Zimbabwe Summer Series is expected to once again attract a number of junior and senior riders from South Africa and Zambia, who will likely be joined by Birmingham-based Mabika, 13. Mabika has been riding since the age of four.

Speaking from home, Tyler’s father and trainer Artwell ” Artaz ‘Mabika confirmed yesterday that they are preparing to compete in this year’s Zimbabwe Summer Series in December.

“We are currently trying to get in touch with the Bogwheelers Club, who are the organizers of the Zimbabwe Summer Series, so that they can send us an official invitation for Tyler to come and race in this prestigious motocross event in Zimbabwe.

“I can safely say that we are more than ready to come to Zimbabwe in December for this event and I think it will be an exciting experience for Tyler, who now rides in the 85cc class,” said Artwell.

If his son does make it into the Zimbabwe Summer Series, he will face some of the country’s best junior riders in the 85cc class, led by 14-year-old Emmanuel Bako, who recently won that class in the fourth round of 2021. Championship Series Nationals, in Donnybrook.

Young Emile Croisette, recently returned from a training camp in the United States under the direction of one of the best motocross riders in this country, Shannon Niday, and Riley Rocher, are also eager to compete in the 85cc class. .

Kerwin said that apart from Mabika they also expect other foreign junior and senior riders from South Africa and Zambia to be part of the three-day motorcycle jamboree.

She said they were still trying to get permission from the Sports Commission, to be allowed to let the public in, to watch this exciting event.

Currently, fans are prohibited from watching sporting events in this country due to restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We can’t get approval from the sports commission to have audiences at any event yet, (and) it puts pressure on the club but we will run the event with or without spectators.

“But we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that spectators will soon be allowed to return to the races,” Kerwin said.

In South Africa, vaccinated spectators are now allowed to attend motocross races, starting with the sixth and penultimate round of the 2021 South African National Championship series in Bloemfontein, where Bako will compete this Saturday.

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