Remember when the Minnesota MOA used this TV commercial?

Bloomington, Minnesota has just been named one of America’s 40 Worst Cities to Visit, pretty much just because it’s home to the Mall of America. Speaking of MOA, remember when he once used THAT nerdy TV commercial?

The Mall of America just celebrated its 29th anniversary this year. The MOA (which, of course, was not called at the time) first opened in Bloomington in August 1992 at the site where the Vikings and Twins were playing – in the former Metropolitan Stadium .

Teams started building the massive mall in 1989, so it was big news in Minnesota when the MOA (again, we hadn’t done so at the time) opened at the end of. the summer of 1992. I was in college at UW -Eau Claire at the time, and remember seeing the coverage of the opening on various Twin Cities TV stations.

The Mall of America was, of course, the largest shopping center by total square footage and the largest retailer in the United States when it opened almost 30 years ago. To get a feel for what was going on then, George HW Bush was president (he was going to lose to Bill Clinton in the November election), you could get a gallon of gas for around $ 1.13 and luckily no one had never heard of Covid.

So, yeah, things have changed a bit since the mega mall opened. Hell, now the Mall of America is listed as a reason NOT to visit Minnesota (although, of course, A LOT of people still do.) Be. Do you remember the slogan? “There is a place for PLEASURE in your life, Mall of America! “

Of course, while MOA is still with us almost 30 years later, ALL of the channels that were once popular are still not here. How many of THESE brands that went bankrupt do you remember? Keep scrolling to check it out!

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50 famous brands that no longer exist

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