Phil Nicoletti’s opinions on Anaheim 1 2022 talking points

Phil Nicoletti prepares to race the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship 250SX East Region with the Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX Yamaha team. For now though, “Filthy” Phil is going to answer a few questions as he continues to do some laps at the ClubMX facility.

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(Note: some questions have been slightly edited for clarity.)

Phil, you know someone has to ask you about Marv/Mookie, Barcia/Anderson and Mookie/Anderson from all that Saturday carnage. What is your point of view ?

Crash and Burn


Let the tempers RIP!!! The one I feel bad for is Anderson. Normally he’s pretty cunning and smart with this style of play, but 21 was 0-2 that night! I have a feeling he won’t deal with that shit this weekend. The Barcia/Anderson was everything to me. They were aiming for a podium. Yeah, that sucks for Anderson, but I think he knows that’s part of it even if it’s shitty. I think Mookie could have given Anderson a little more room for it to just be a heat race. I don’t think it’s a “take out” either. I think he just brought it to the point that he had nowhere to go.

Now it’s time for the WWF MOOK VS MARV MATCH! I like it when guys get into it. That’s the whole point of competition. Emotion makes sports so great. If only we could put hockey rules in place. The 27/25 saga is also something for me. It’s stupid that this even happened and they both went down and potentially cost them a lot of money. The one where I would have a big problem is the Marv/Clason shot in the first round. Marv crushed Cade for eighth position when they were both in a qualifying spot on the final corner. Hope Cade went to the KTM rig after that run and said hello.

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