Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate swept up in fatal motorcycle crash, cops say

A gubernatorial candidate driving on the Pennsylvania toll highway was swept by a motorcyclist in an overnight crash in July that left the motorcyclist dead and the candidate rode another eight kilometers with the motorcycle housed in his car, according to a new police report.

Pennsylvania State Police have said little publicly about the July 21 crash involving Charlie Gerow, the Republican candidate, and motorcyclist Logan Abbott.

Gerow’s attorney has previously stated that Gerow did not hit the motorcyclist, only the motorcycle.

In the nine-page report, a State Police investigator wrote that he could see markings on the driver’s side of Gerow’s Mercedes sedan “that corresponded to a side slip” by the motorcycle.

After Abbott fell, the motorcycle drove past Gerow’s car, which struck the motorcycle, according to the report.

The motorcycle “lodged on the front cowl and undercarriage” of Gerow’s car in an upright position, and Gerow continued to roll west for about 5 miles before being stopped by a soldier. state, according to the report.

The accident report was obtained by The Associated Press on Friday. State police have confirmed its authenticity.

Gerow has not been charged. A state police spokesperson said the investigation “remains active and ongoing.”

“Once completed, the district attorney will be consulted in order to make a decision on whether to prosecute,” said police spokeswoman Grace Griffaton.


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