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MONTANA – Starting October 1, motorcycles will have more freedom on Montana roads, with Montana becoming the third state to allow lane filtering.

What is lane filtering?

Suppose your car stops at a red light on Reserve Street. With lane filtering, a motorcycle can pass between the lanes and move forward near the traffic light.

After the Montana Highway Patrol recorded 29 motorcycle fatalities in 2020, this new law aims to help with traffic and safety.

Tyler Tenderich has ridden his bicycle all his adult life. He moved to Missoula from California, where a lane filtering version is already legal.

He and others in the cycling community are celebrating.

He explained that being between the lanes keeps him safer when skirmishes happen and being one step ahead helps everyone.

“Then, [we’re] capable of proceeding a little faster than a normal car would, ”Tenderich said. “Now I am no longer a problem for them, they are no longer a problem for me, and personally I think the town of Missoula is going to benefit the safety of the driver and / or the safety of the cars involved. “

Keeping motorcycles ahead of traffic also protects them when cars change lanes without looking or blinking, he added.

Riders will be able to filter between lanes when traveling less than 20 miles per hour and when the car they are passing is stopped or less than 10 miles per hour.

As for law enforcement, the Missoula Police Department has said it will conduct traffic patrols and issue citations for violations of this new law.

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