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YouTuber Sunny Yadav talks about his trip from India to Bangladesh on his two-wheeler

YouTuber Sunny Yadav talks about his trip from India to Bangladesh on his two-wheeler

It took more than eight hours for Bayya Sunny Yadav, 25, to convince the Benapole border authorities to allow him to enter Bangladesh on his two-wheeler, despite having all the valid documents. Benapole is on the Bangladeshi side of the Petrapole-Benapole International Border Checkpoint while Petrapole is in India.

Hailing from Nuthankal village in Suryapet district of Telangana, Sunny started vlogging four years ago to document her travels on her two-wheeler. After traveling all parts of India except Sikkim, Sunny decided to go to Bangladesh when he learned that no two-wheelers had crossed the India-Bangladesh border. since 1947. Reason: “Bangladesh does not allow the entry of two-wheelers with foreign license plates, to prevent the illegal sale of vehicles,” claims Sunny. He gathered this information from the strong community of bikers in Bangladesh, and later he “did some research and found it to be true”.

After obtaining his VISA to enter Bangladesh, Sunny first traveled to Mumbai from Hyderabad for the necessary papers for his Triumph Tiger 900 (bicycle passport). The Western India Automobile Association issues a passport for two-wheelers. He also had to obtain a separate visa for his Triumph Tiger 900. “In Bangladesh, the maximum authorized power for motorcycles is 165 CC. Anything above that requires documentation proving the bike is not crossing the border to be sold. In addition, the rider must pay a deposit of 200% of the original price of the vehicle. As I am a YouTuber, with all the necessary documents and proofs, I was granted a concession on the amount of bail at the Mumbai High Commission.

Yet when Sunny reached the Bangladesh border after driving for eight days, covering 3,100 km (Hyderabad-Mumbai-Bangladesh), he spent almost eight hours assuring border authorities – with proof of his journey in places like Nepal – which he only entered Bangladesh as a tourist and post on his YouTube channel which has 1.3 million followers.

Bayya Sunny Yadav after entering Bangladesh

Bayya Sunny Yadav after entering Bangladesh | Photo credit: special arrangement

Sunny, who is still in Bangladesh, says he was discouraged by his friends from making the trip. He says: “They all had bad things to say about a country they had never visited!”

“Without much thought, I decided to go on and enter Bangladesh from West Bengal. The biker community in Bangladesh helped me with information about paperwork, routes, weather, season to travel , places to visit, etc. I was touched when I saw more than 40 of them waiting for me in Benapole to welcome me. The people there are friendly and do not discriminate on the basis of nation or religion.

Sunny on the highway

Sunny on the highway

After spending 17 days in Sylhet, he is amazed at the love and care the people of Bangladesh give him. “People in Bangladesh love Hindi movies and serials. So they understand Hindi and I can communicate with them. Everyone is warm, friendly and curious about India,” adds Sunny.

But it’s mostly his bike that turns heads, enthuses Sunny.

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