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Two families have learned that there is no deeper heartache than what they are experiencing in their lives right now.

An alleged high-speed motorcycle crash in the early hours of the morning claimed the lives of two Downriver residents.

Jordan Thompson, a 24-year-old mother of three from Brownstown Township, and Chadwick Osborne, 26 from Romulus, died after leaving Romulus’ Landing Strip Lounge on June 24 and crashing into Goddard Road.

Osborn allegedly drove the motorcycle and is believed to have lost control and hit a pothole.

Both were catapulted over 75 feet.

Their bodies were found along a fence on the west side of the Detroit Metro Airport.

Thompson was killed instantly.

Jordan thompson

Osborne had been on life support since the accident, but was removed and died on June 29.

His family could not be contacted before press time.

Thompson’s parents, Jamie and Ronald Matte and Joshua Thompson of Dearborn Heights, offered their condolences to Osborn’s family for the loss they both now share.

There is no doubt about the sadness in her voice as she remembers knocking on her door at 7:30 a.m. on the morning of the accident and seeing the police.

“I knew he was one of them, I just didn’t know who,” Matte said, referring to his children.

She said the police asked if they could enter the house and then broke the news to the family.

The family watched surveillance footage of the couple leaving the living room at 1:15 a.m.

Matte said she saw her daughter put on her helmet. About 10 minutes after getting on the motorcycle, she said her daughter was dead.

Police received the first 911 call at around 1:25 a.m.

The two left abruptly after someone started ‘hitting on’ Thompson and passionate words were exchanged between the men.

Jordan thompson

The loss of the family follows another devastating blow to them, the death of Thompson’s great-grandfather, Charles C. Milam of Brownstown.

He died just two days before the fatal accident.

Milam was 93 years old.

He was known to be loving, but not a loving man, according to the family.

Matte said his daughter had been patient with him and had a genuine love for his stories about his youth.

When Alzheimer’s disease began to steal his memory, he couldn’t remember most of the faces, but he did remember his great-granddaughter.

“They had a special bond,” her mother said.

He was known to the family as Popa.

The family consoles themselves by believing that Milam is dead and gone to Heaven so that he can be there to meet his great-granddaughter when he arrives.

“She loved this man so much,” her mother said. “He called her, ‘my Jordie.'”

With their deaths within days of each other, rather than trying to manage two funerals, Milam’s service was postponed and a joint service was held at Molnar Funeral Homes in Brownstown. He was followed by hundreds.

Thompson was a school cheerleader, dancer, figure skater, and loved fishing and kayaking at Huroc Park in Flat Rock.

She attended Woodhaven High School and was in the process of pursuing a career in nursing.

Her mother was especially proud of her for the way she overcame the challenges she faced early in life.

She was a young mother at 17 when she fathered her son, Bentley, 7. Braxtyn followed two years later and then had another son, Bryson, who is 3.

One of the moving moments in this grieving process for the family was seeing six teachers from Hunter Primary School in the Gibraltar School District attend the service. Bentley and Braxtyn are students there.

“They told me how good my daughter was, especially because she was so young,” Matte said.

Her mother’s pain is clearly expressed in the words she posted on her social media page.

“Why, oh why would my sweet princess be taken?” Why would I lose you two days after Popa. Please sit down next to me, Jordan, and help me breathe. My breath is gone. My heart beat for you from the moment you started to grow in me.

Many sensing her angst reached out to her on social media, including a woman who also lost her 23-year-old son in a motorcycle crash in Romulus earlier this year. She told him that she shared his pain.

There are hundreds of messages to Matte and his family expressing their sadness and condolences on social media.

There were also those who wrote personal tributes on the funeral home’s website, including a woman who said she did not know any family members.

The woman said she had a daughter of the same age and her heart was with the family.

Jackson Thompson, Jordan’s brother, hosted a memorial service for his sister, which was attended by many family and friends.

It was held at the Flat Rock Boat Dock.

He too wrote a message to his sister on social media.

Jackson Thompson posted a photo of his hand resting on his sister’s coffin and posted the words “Till we meet again, Jordan” in the photo.

“RIP my sister,” the message read. “I know you hang out with Popa and Unk and your friends who fell before you.” I love you so much little girl. You are my world.”

She has another brother, Jesse Thompson. There are several photos of the three siblings on the family’s respective social media accounts.

They were all close, so much so that they had their locations set on their cellphones so they could know each other’s whereabouts at all times if needed.

The family still struggles to cope with their loss while being there to support the three children.

Matte said she tries to take life 15 minutes at a time and catch her breath.

She and her husband will be raising their grandchildren.

“Jordan loved old music and she always danced with the kids in the living room,” her mother said. “I will always dance with them.”

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