Motorbike group distributes bicycles, hope for the next generation

TAMPA, Fla – For members of the new Tampa Motorcycle Coalition, two-man riding is a way of life.

“We all take great pride in riding our motorcycles,” Coalition Secretary Calvin “Diesel” Jones said, “I’ve been riding since I was 18.”

“I’ve been riding since I was 13. So you’re over 20 there,” Coalition Chairman Todd “T-Luc” Lucas said.

But instead of keeping the joy of the road open to themselves, the group is now working to share it with the community, donating at least 100 bikes to local children.

“A lot of us have come from different walks of life and we understand what it means to be without,” Lucas said.

To do this, on December 18, at 18th Avenue Park in Ybor City, they will be hosting a Holiday Bike Giveaway Event. They say their hope is to get these bikes into the hands of children, who otherwise wouldn’t get anything.

“It means everything. See that smile on that kid’s face when he gets in there when he can go with it. You know, something that maybe wasn’t under their Christmas tree this year,” said Lucas.

And if they’re lucky, they say the gifts could inspire the next generation as well.

“We call our bikes ‘two’, you know we ride ‘two’ and that’s kind of a junior version of that. I think anyone who’s a biker at any point in time, you probably started with that here,” Jones said.

If you would like to donate a bike to their cause, the group is also accepting donations until December 16. You can drop them off at the Joker Handle Bar Hut, located at 1100 N 50th St # 3F, Tampa, FL 33619.

The giveaway itself is scheduled from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the park located at 2902 N 32nd St, Tampa, FL 33605.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Tampa Motorcycle Coalition through their Facebook page.

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