Motor Vehicle Law: Life Tax Increases Purchase Price of New Vehicle | Vijayawada News

Vijayawada: With the entry into force of the amended Motor Vehicle Law on January 1, the prices of new vehicles will increase in Andhra Pradesh. As the green tax has also been increased on older vehicles, vehicle owners will also have to pay a higher tax.
The state government recently passed the amended Motor Vehicle Act. The tax tiles have been amended in accordance with the new Motor Vehicle Law adopted by the Union government.
The lifetime tax brackets have been increased from 1% to 4% depending on the price of the vehicle. If the cost of the vehicle is less than 5 lakh, a 13% tax will be imposed on the existing 12%. For vehicles that cost more than 5 lakh and less than 10 lakh, the tax has been increased from 12% to 14%. For vehicles between 10 lakh and 20 lakh, the lifetime tax would be 17%. For vehicles priced over 20 lakh, 18% tax must be paid.
Regarding the green tax, the state government imposed an amount equivalent to half of the quarterly tax on transport vehicles less than seven years old. If the age of the vehicle is greater than seven years and less than 10 years, the ecotax would be an equivalent amount of quarterly tax. If the age of the vehicle is over 12 years, double the quarterly tax must be paid as an ecotax.

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