Motocross racer Ballingry Mason, 8, aims for the top

RACE Mason Robertson goes off-road after impressing on his last motocross outing.

The eight-year-old, a P4 student at St Kenneth Primary School in Ballingry, found a new direction after changing bikes and competing with older children.

And Mason returned home after a very honorable performance at the Aberdeen & District Motocross Championship recently, where he finished 8th.

His mother Lesley said: “We went there just to get him to beat his lap time, we weren’t expecting too much from him.

“It was more, this is his first year on a 65cc motorcycle, using it as training and to get consistent lap times and he did it.

“He started at about five minutes and by the end of the championships he was down to three and a half minutes.”

She added: “His starts have been phenomenal, he’s always right out of the gate and into the first corner.

“He has been strong and consistent throughout the championship, and kept pace with the leaders for much of it.”

The Times previously reported on Mason’s first motocross race, which took place in Wales this summer, and he “exceeded all expectations” as he faced 36 riders.

Lesley explained: “His father, William, and his siblings have always had an interest in motorcycles but nothing big.

“However, for Mason, it has become an obsession and he wants to do supercross when he is older!

“He started when he was three and a half at the Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club, he had a chance on a little bike and loved it.

“He was addicted.

“It got more serious when he was five, every night he said ‘Can I go out on a motorcycle?'”

She continued: “He had a very small 50cc to start with but Covid went into effect and he couldn’t run.

“In January we figured that rather than leaving him with the 50cc, we would let him try the 65cc for a year, to get used to it before racing.

“But he had other ideas!

“Whenever he could run he wanted to do it, even though he was racing against much older boys who had a lot more experience at this level.”

His mother said: “Usually the 65cc class is between 7 and 11 years old, but a lot of them don’t race until they are nine years old.

“Mason just turned eight in July and he was adamant he wanted to run.”

The Ballingry runner, who is backed by a number of generous sponsors and has his own YouTube channel and social media pages, has now headed into winter training and wants to compete again when the dates come down. ‘a winter motocross series will be announced.

When asked what she knew about the sport before Mason got into it, Lesley admitted: “I had no knowledge! Now I eat, sleep and practice motocross and have learned to change the rear wheel and do some mechanical stuff.

“I also understood what the coaches told him so I could tell him if he left it too late to get out of the turn or if he was too quick on the brake!”

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