Moke Californian EV order banks open, pricing starts at $41,900

The Moke International Electric Moke Californian debuted a few weeks ago without any pricing information. That changes today, with the company announcing that the US-bound EV will cost $41,900. Interested customers can pay a refundable reservation fee of $990 to secure a building location starting today.

The new Moke Californian is now fully electric, powered by a rear-mounted 44 horsepower (33 kilowatts) electric motor. It is more powerful than the gasoline version sold in the United States in the late 1970s, which produced only 39 hp (29 kW). It’s not a big jump, but it’s enough to cut the car’s 34-mile-per-hour (55-kilometer-per-hour) time from 6.3 seconds to 4.3.

The Californian, which is exclusive to the US market and the first new Moke to go on sale here since 1982, is highway legal thanks to its 80 mph top speed. This is the first time a Mini Moke model in the United States has been allowed to drive on the highway. It offers up to 80 mi (120 km) of range, but that figure is based on the forgiving WLTP test cycle. We expect to get less than that in the United States. According to the company, it takes four hours to recharge with a Type 1 charger.

Moke will limit production to just 325 cars in the United States per year. This follows the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act 2015 which was passed, allowing heritage brands like Moke to produce derivatives of any of their models over 25 years old. However, they must comply with current federal motor vehicle safety standards.

You can also configure the Moke Californian now. The company offers five exterior colors: Wave Blue, Sunset Orange, Sunlight Yellow, Scuba Blue and Granite Grey. The only optional extra is the full awning with doors, but there is no price associated with the upgrade.

Moke began operations building light military vehicles before they became popular with farmers. By the late 1970s, it was popular enough to export a more modern Mini Moke version to the United States – and the rest is history. The company did not say when it would begin deliveries.

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