Mandatory DGT immobilizers will cost drivers around € 1,000

The mandatory DGT immobilizers will cost drivers around € 1,000.

The new mandatory DGT immobilizers will cost drivers around € 1,000 to install

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is committed to working to reduce the number of traffic accidents and their victims on Spanish roads. As a result, a new mandatory immobilizer breathalyzer would come into service from July 6, 2022.

This new law, which should come into force on the aforementioned date, was originally designed so that the breathalyzer system is installed in vehicles responsible for transporting people.

But the European Union apparently insists on going further and applying the law to all private vehicles as well. Currently, it has been estimated that these devices could cost around $ 1,000 each to install in any vehicle.

The device is designed to prevent anyone who exceeds the alcohol limit from starting the engine

Despite its description, at this time, the devices will not be able to include the system that measures the amount of alcohol in the blood. So, unless something changes before next July, it would only be connected to the vehicle’s starting system.

The purpose of this measure is to ensure that people who test positive for the breathalyzer cannot start their cars. As an argument in favor of this decision, the DGT argues that in 2020, almost half of the deaths in traffic accidents, or 48.7 percent, exceeded the permitted blood alcohol level.

The function of the device is to block the starting of the car if the authorized blood alcohol level is exceeded. This level is 0.25 mg / l in exhaled air, for regular drivers, and 0.15 mg / l for professional and novice drivers, as indicated by


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