Loretta Lynn 2021 Friday Update, Latvia MXGP Preview

The track gets so difficult because it has such a huge range of classes, all filled with fast runners who use every inch of the track. Because we run everything from Mini Es to 450 As and every size in between, the track takes hits from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm, bike after bike after bike. There are 65cc ruts, 250A brake bumps, 125 Schoolboy throttle ruts, and berms, berms, berms.

The three motorcycles are long, sometimes hot, sometimes wet, sometimes cool. And because all three matter, it’s easy to lose a title through bad luck, but nearly impossible to get lucky in just one. Ask Haiden “Dangerboy” Deegan, who lost a title because he missed an equipment in the face of a large table and couldn’t clear it. The runner he was playing dice with, the impressive Krystian Janik of Illinois, followed right behind him and ended up cutting Deegan’s elbow and knocking him out. Or ask former GNCC star Jimmy Jarrett, who had a 1-1 before the last Senior +40 Sportsman class and had a subframe malfunction that led to a third motorcycle abandonment. Or the very fast and impressive young Swedish rider Matti Jorgensen, who won the first 450 B motorcycle, only to be disqualified because he is only 15 years old, which is too young by WADA rules for that to happen. ‘a kid can ride a 450. But he’s definitely old enough to run the 250 B Limited class, which he won, giving his week a happy ending.

These are just a few of the pilots and stories that have emerged from Loretta Lynn so far this week, the kind of events that have turned this event into what it has become: “The Biggest motocross vacation to the world “for 40 years now. Fans and the industry can see both the future and the past of American motocross, the kids who will one day be the stars of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross and the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, and then years later they will return to pilot age groups. They come here for over two weeks in many cases and just take advantage of the motocross community that stands around them here at the Loretta Lynn Ranch. Running is a huge component, as is the social network that results from it. Some riders will move up to the pro ranks soon, like Levi Kitchen, Jett Reynolds, Preston Kilroy, Chance Hymas, Hunter Yoder; others are already on the horizon, like Nick Romano, Gage Linville, Gavin Towers, Daxton Bennick, Evan Ferry, Mark Fineis, Haiden Deegan, Krystian Janik, Enzo Timmerman … And some are just groms who have yet to make a name for themselves and will do so in the years to come.

At Loretta Lynn, it’s a week for everyone, whether it’s winning or losing, running or not. We have tried to bring you as much action as possible on www.racertv.com, which didn’t leave much time for myself or Jason Weigandt to offer a lot of contributions to Racerhead because our own bikes go from dawn to dusk (and then some), his on the mic and me working on the track and in this office. Plus, most of us were cut off from the rest of the racing world. (For example, I just heard that the great Valentino Rossi is finally quitting?) So look for a full rundown of everything from Loretta Lynn, which ends tomorrow, next week here on Racer X Online, but s please enjoy the action. on Racer TV.

It’s my favorite week of every year, as well as my busiest. Can’t wait for it to end tomorrow, can’t wait for the 41st Loretta Lynn’s next August!

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