Jake Nicholls ends his career as a professional pilot

Crendon FastTrack Honda MX1 rider Jake Nicholls has ended his professional racing career due to another injury break his shoulder.

Announcing his retirement via social media, Jake said: “Well that was one too many for me. Since the end of 2018 MX has given me an absolute kick, last week was no different suffering a big accident mid week where I was indictable but had a concussion and a shoulder broken.

“It means the end of the road for me and top level racing, for the sole reason that I’m sick of fighting like this. I’ll keep playing it – riding and racing because I love the sport, I’m grateful I can still do it and it’s such a big part of my life, friends my only way to disconnect, and I’m still half decent at it!However, the focus is now on family / friends and on the evolution of our company.

“Thank you to my team for understanding/helping me make this decision, Dave you are a true friend. Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters, I will always be there from time to time so you can’t completely forget me .

“Not a bloody story, I’m graceful in defeat, lucky to be where I am, and always smiling (though pretty screwed up inside).”


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