Ironman competitor Jeff Edwards anticipates imperfect road conditions | New

But as a person who rides regularly on the roads in question, he is not too distracted by the chatter.

“My honest opinion is that the road conditions on the whole are not that bad,” he said. “There is a lot of cool, smooth pavement to catch up with after navigating the technical sections.

“This has been said by a few other contestants on forums, so I don’t claim to be the expert on this thought at all, but I totally agree: this is Ironman; it’s supposed to be difficult, ”he said. “If it wasn’t difficult, everyone would try it. “

Edwards doesn’t take the road lightly. But as a former cross-country and motocross rider, he has a strategy he’s ready to share:

“Choose your lane, believe in your gear, navigate the technical sections, focus where it’s needed and pick up your speed in the open straights.”

“Training feels good”

The event next May will be Edwards’ first Ironman competition. He and two other city employees – Joe Medlin, director of parks operations with the parks department, and Derek Campbell, director of the public works department – are in week 23 of a 52-week training program which, according to Edwards, is going well.

“Training feels good. I’ve read too many reports of ‘believing in your workout plan’ not to feel good, although my body tells me differently on some days, ”he said. “We are in the last month of the constituent elements of the plan, then we will move on to the distance training part.

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