INEOS Automotive plans to launch in Europe in 2022 for an all-terrain vehicle

The company initially plans to launch a utility version of the Grenadier for professional customers – which is expected to account for the majority of sales of the four-wheel drive vehicle – and a more comfortable passenger version.

The vehicle will also be launched in parts of Africa and the Middle East in 2022.

INEOS Automotive is also working on a pickup version of the Grenadier, which will be crucial for the North American market. In the US market, pickup trucks represent a large and highly profitable portion of total automotive industry sales.

The boxy Grenadier will have gasoline and diesel engines and powertrains built by BMW. Production of the vehicle will start at the end of 2021 at a former Daimler AG passenger car plant in Hambach, north-eastern France, which INEOS Automotive acquired from the German automaker last year.

Gary Pearson, who leads INEOS Automotive’s UK, Middle East and North Africa markets, said the combustion engine technology the company uses is fit for the market today.

But with the ban on fossil fuel vehicles looming in Europe, the company is considering hydrogen fuel cell technology for future zero-emission versions of the Grenadier rather than going electric.

“As electrical technology evolves, it might be a good fit for us,” Pearson said. “But today in terms of range, battery weight … in a vehicle that needs to pull things, lift things, carry things, that doesn’t necessarily suit us right now.”

An agreement between parent company INEOS and Hyundai to explore hydrogen production and supply opportunities includes evaluating the use of the South Korean automaker’s fuel cell system in Grenadier.

(Reporting by Nick Carey; Editing by Mark Potter)

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