Indian Motorcycle and FMX star Danny Schneider join forces


INDIAN Motorcycle and FMX star, and more recently custom motorcycle builder Danny Schneider have joined forces for a series of collaborations in the near future.

The finer details of what exactly the collaborations will look like have yet to be revealed, although it’s fair to say that Schneider’s personal affinity with Indian Motorcycle is long in the making.

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“It’s a huge honor. Indian Motorcycle is one of my old loves, especially since I built my 1931 Scout. Then when the FTR came out I wanted one so badly. And it’s now a reality thanks to the Indian Motorcycle team, ”he said. “I expected the FTR to be quite different and it would take a long time to get used to it. But as soon as I sat on it, we clicked. I felt super comfortable and confident and that’s the most important thing every time you try out a new bike. The balance, power and handling are extraordinary. Plus, I love the display.

Born in Bümplitz, Switzerland in the mid-1970s, Schneider went from his early BMX debut to being an FMX star, then changed management to become an award-winning custom bike builder.

“I was diagnosed with ADHD and needed intense sport like this, something that I could really put all of my extra energy into. I enjoyed it.

With his natural talent for riding, Danny ventured into motocross at age 16 and at 20 he was participating in the extreme sport of FMX (Freestyle Motocross) to become a major force in the developing Swiss scene and a star. world of FMX. Shrinking his career, Schneider had a massive training accident that shattered his ankle into 18 pieces.

“I knew my competitive days were over, but I also knew I couldn’t retrain to work in an office. I needed to find something that would allow me to express myself. As soon as I could I bought an old bike and started modifying it and what started out as a hobby quickly turned into a profession. In 2002, I founded my Hardnine Choppers garage and since then I have been customizing vintage motorcycles. Bring them back to life as rolling works of art.

Now ranked as one of the best vintage bike builders in the world, Danny needed the help of his early friends to learn the metalwork skills so he could make his designs. But soon, his builds started to gain attention and the 2009 D’MX build was praised in more than 20 international magazines.

“It was a real turning point for my career and for Hardnine Choppers. The worldwide attention the D’MX bike received was incredible. Soon I was invited to custom shows and to win trophies in major competitions.

We’ll keep you posted on what Schneider and Indian Motorcycle have in store for the partnership, or you can keep up with his bikes and plans on his Instagram below.


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