If NASA built a motorcycle, what would it look like …

Starting life as a concept sketch of a lunar motorcycle by Russian designer Andrew Fabishevskiy, designer Nico von Hookie (of Hookie Co) noticed it and immediately wanted to turn NASA’s dream into reality. So the Hookie Tardigrade has take off.

Nicknamed the Tardigrade after the micro “water bear” that can survive in the extreme conditions of space, NASA’s dream bike will not reach the moon, but will head straight to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t built to a high standard. Germany-based motorcycle designers built it to theoretically explore the surface of the moon: the rider is able to use the frame to carry a variety of gear, with an enforced speed limit of 9 mph and a range of around 70. miles – that’s good enough for the space.

Beginning her life as Cake Ösa, the limits of space were fully explored in the development.

Lightweight materials were used in the creation of the space bike, airless carbon tires are mounted on an aluminum cage, and the bike can be easily disassembled (the front can come off in 2 minutes) to save space . The set weighs 134 kg.

It goes without saying that it runs on electricity. So you can recharge it on the lunar lander – apparently there are no gas stations on the moon.

Note in particular the electronic steering, controlled via an application and an electric motor.

The finished bike is set to be on display in the ADV: Overland exhibit from mid-October 2021, and you can see it at the Petersen Automotive Museum – I know I would be there if I could.

NASA would be proud of the Hookie Co Tardigrade moon motorcycle

From the Hookie site: “Simultaneously, (the tardigrade) is a symbol for unraveling the mind. And for empowerment. The whole project ignores borders – those of countries, continents, role stereotypes and the status quo.

Would it work on Earth? No, probably not. But is it infinitely cool and pretty much the epitome of every space-enthusiastic motorcycle fanatic? Yes.

Teleport me, Hookie, I want to get to the moon!

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