Honda and JMS motocross school to promote racing and off-roading

The JMS Motocross School will use Honda’s CRF series to train for competitive motorcycle racing and off-roading. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

HONDA Philippines Inc. (HPI) has once again demonstrated its commitment to promoting competitive racing and off-roading with motorcycles by supplying various models of its popular CRF series to the country’s premier motocross school.

The project aims to support the growth of the Filipino on/off-road segment, in partnership with the JMS motocross school, run by its namesake, Filipino motocross legend Coach Jovie Saulog.

“Everything we do at HPI revolves around the single idea of ​​sharing the joy of mobility. We hope that through this partnership with the JMS motocross school, more people will discover the value of this principle by experiencing the joy of mobility. ‘excitement of off-road driving in a safe environment,’ said Hervic Villa, HPI planning department manager.

Honda is proud of its rich history in off-road motorcycles, from the 1970s Elsinore, through the XRs of the 1980s and 1990s, to the post-millennial CRF models. As part of the partnership with JMS Motocross School, HPI will offer the CRF150L and CRF300L models as training bikes for those looking to learn off-road riding. Meanwhile, for those more inclined towards competitive motocross racing, there is the CRF250RX and CRF450R Works Edition that students can use.

“CRFs are the best bikes for beginners, veterans, amateurs and pros,” Saulog said. “I’ve been using the Honda CR125 and CR250 since the two-stroke days in 1985, and the CRF250 and CRF450 – the beginning of the Honda four-stroke – in 2002 until now.”

An icon of the Philippine motocross circuit, Saulog has been involved in the sport for over three decades. He started teaching motocross in the 1990s and established the JMS Motocross School, the first of its kind in the Philippines.

The school caters to off-road riders for both competitive racing and recreational riding. JMS Motocross School also features a race team that remains active in competitive and invitational events around the country. Coach Saulog has taken care of students who have become national and international champions.

“There are a lot of good motocross riders in the Philippines which makes motocross a very competitive sport,” he said. “You can improve your skills and riding skills using a CRF by enrolling in the JMS-Honda Motocross School.”

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