Hear how quiet the high-powered electric Polaris Ranger is in a new video

We already know from Polaris’ own teasers that the all-new Electric Ranger will be the best Ranger Polaris has ever offered. The company has confirmed that it will have a significantly higher overall power-to-weight ratio than any other utility today. But now we see how the new electric Ranger will not only deliver better performance, it will also be much quieter.

And believe it or not, it’s huge.

Unlike some areas of automotive culture where noisy vehicles earn the bragging rights, commercial vehicle owners use their rides to do serious work.

These users have long urged manufacturers to find a way to build quieter vehicles.

Chris Hurd, RANGER Product Planning Director, explained in more detail:

“When we looked through our research experience, we found that noise was a challenge for all consumers, regardless of what they were doing. There was always that “I wish things were calmer” push. And the great thing about electric is that it offers that.

A lower operating volume is essential for a wide range of uses. As Chris continued, “Whether you are a hunter trying to get closer to your stall, a farmer working near livestock, or just having a conversation while on a hike, less engine noise and vibration is a good thing. . “

Chris gave the interview with an electric Ranger running on a bench next to him at 30 mph (48 km / h), and I didn’t even realize the motor was running until he pointed it out to me. .

Watch the video below to see how quiet the Electric Ranger is when in operation.

When you’re on the trails, a quiet electric motor makes all the difference.

Earlier this summer, Volcon Motors CEO Andy Leisner explained to Electrek that riding the company’s big-tire electric motorcycle dramatically increased the amount of wildlife he saw on the trails:

In just three months of riding the Grunt, I’ve seen more wildlife than in a lifetime of gas-powered off-road motorcycles. It’s amazing what silence does for you.

I would expect the new Electric Ranger to provide a similar experience of operating deep in the woods without disturbing the wilderness or its wildlife.

But the electric drive is not only useful in reducing operating noise. It also reduces the maintenance and cost of running the vehicle.

As Chris continued:

“Research has really shown us on all kinds of vehicles that less maintenance and more uptime are key things that consumers are looking for. That’s the good thing about the new Electric Ranger, when you think of the new components in there, you don’t have air filters, you don’t have oil, you don’t have an oil change. ‘oil. Combine those savings with the fact that it costs less per mile to fill up with electricity than gas, and the all-new Electric Ranger gives you the lowest cost of ownership ever found on a side-by-side utility. .

“For me the new Electric Ranger is going to surprise people in that it’s still a fantastic Ranger, it’s still the core of the most labor-intensive and fluid proposition, it gives them everything they’re used to, but so it gives them so much more because it’s electric.

The Electric Ranger may be the only one in the industry, but it does so by standing on the shoulders of an electric giant, Zero motorcycles. Polaris and Zero have signed a deal to see the off-road powersports company use Zero’s electric powertrain in its vehicles. The Electric Ranger is just the first in a series of zero-drive Polaris vehicles, more, including an electric snowmobile, are expected to follow.

There’s no word on the price of the Electric Ranger yet, but we do know we’re expecting it by December of this year.

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