Handcrafted wooden motorcycle toy by emanuel rufo is 100% durable

Portuguese product designer and craftsman emanuel rufo presents a handmade wooden toy motorcycle made of 100% sustainable materials. the design is inspired by classic racing motorcycles, in response to the need to develop a product for two-wheeled motor vehicle enthusiasts. the whole piece is handcrafted in natural wood, with high quality finishes.all images are courtesy of manual rufo

the manual rufo wooden toy is available in three colors: red, with the number 53 on the sides, green with the number 22 and blue with the number 09. in terms of features, it allows the handlebars to be turned on both sides. it also includes a stick that can be recessed into the motorcycle, when in motion, serving as a footrest, or it can be pushed to one side, serving as a side stand when the motorcycle is stationary.wooden toy motorcycle 3

The bottom of each motorcycle is engraved with the brand’s logo, name and unique serial number. it also contains a CE mark, which certifies its suitability for children over 3 years old. FSC certified wood, acrylic paints and acrylic varnishes especially suitable for children make the entire product durable.wooden toy motorcycle 8

wooden toy motorcycle 4

wooden toy motorcycle 5

wooden toy motorcycle 7

wooden toy motorcycle 9

wooden toy motorcycle 12

wooden toy motorcycle 11

wooden toy motorcycle 2

project info:

Last name: wooden toy motorcycle

designate: Emmanuel Rufo

Cut: L 167 mm x W 53 mm x H 95 mm

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edited by: christina petridou | design boom

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