Get personal loan without salary or income as is possible

Get personal loan without salary or income as is possible

Get personal loan without salary or income, how is it possible?

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Obtain personal loan without a salary or proven income, contrary to what many think have no complications at all, although in Brazil to take a loan necessarily the candidate have to prove income or be working in a private or public company.

We all know that for a banking and financial institution to make the grant to obtain personal loan, the main feature of the transaction is the solicitation of collateral that the contractor can give. Currently the most common situation is with the wage bill, in many banks it is the exchange currency for benefits in services and financial products.

Usually the loan requested is released after a series of bank or financial investigations to know if future payments carry some risk of being neglected by the contractor. The monthly salary, income, bank transfer, and annual income tax are evidence that the applicant has the financial capacity and conditions to pay the installments generated by the granting of the loan.

But Carla, and when the contractor does not prove income, does not work registered, what to do? There are certainly many other ways to get a loan in this condition. In principle, for “personal loans without payroll”, the interested party must provide other guarantees such as:

1 -) File Guarantor or Guarantor – A friend or relative signs the contract as guarantor and responsible for the risks of the loan, the guarantor or guarantor must provide all guarantees required by the bank in its place;

2 -) Owning property – The contractor needs to be with the property removed and without burden, in this way, the property will serve with risk guarantee of the loan;

3 -) Owning Vehicle – In the same way as the property, the contractor must have the vehicle in its own name and without restrictions of alienation, ie be totally removed;

4)) Pledge of Jewelry and valuables – Pledge is a “personal loan type” facilitated and without red tape, to obtain the loan, the contractor must offer as collateral: jewelry, noble metals, utensils and non-perishable items of value. Proof of ownership of the good or invoice is required;

5 -) Loan with Card – Non-working people also have a credit card, my aunt has a card with a limit of almost R $ 11,000 thousand and does not work or prove income, of course, her card is not taken now, there is a time. The loan limit of that card is scary, modest interest rates as well.

If you fall into the situation we are talking about, it is University Student, Housewife or mostly Self Employed who do not have formalized work contract and many others, so there are tips on how to get personal loan without salary or income.