Ford’s Eluminator electric crate motor is already sold out

Ford caused a stir when it announced the Eluminator electric crankcase motor earlier this week. The package is slim: just the Mustang Mach E’s 281bhp electric motor and a few key bundles, without the batteries, control systems, or traction inverters needed to build a complete car. But the price is slim too. At $ 3,900, it is competitively priced with more traditional crate engines producing comparable horsepower like the K20C1 in Honda’s Civic Type R.

And the Eluminator is already a success. Ford Authority reports that the first wave of Illuminators are already sold out, although Ford still doesn’t offer the other basic components needed to fit one into a working electric car. These are expected to arrive in the future as part of an expanded electric aftermarket support program, but the motor is already attractive enough that it has found a market without these plug-and-play solutions. appear on the market. This is not a limited edition product, so Ford will build more to meet market demands when it can.

Ford has shown the potential for what this aftermarket will eventually become with its F-100 Eluminator Concept, which was revealed alongside Engines earlier this week. This truck is an electric conversion of a 1978 F100 with two of the crate engines, combined to produce 480 hp and 634 lb-ft of torque. Ford says those with the right tools and components can stack crate engines on their own in the same fashion to produce the same numbers in their own cars.

Via the Drive.

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