Fly Racing Lift Support Review [Long-Term Test Under Dirt Bikes]


Fixed motorcycle racks for off-road motorcycles are great except for one thing: you have to lift the motorcycle on it. This is not a problem for some people; it is a compromise for others. Either way, at the end of a hard day’s riding, lifting a 250+ pound motorcycle into the air and spinning it around isn’t something I look forward to. Instead, I rely on the Fly race Raise the stand to lift a motorcycle off the ground.

The Fly Racing Lift Stand is a simple yet effective unit with an MSRP of $ 75. It lifts the motorcycle with your body weight on a lever, rather than relying on upper body strength. You simply slide the rack under the platform, press your foot on the lift lever – tough enough for bikes near the top of its 330-pound weight limit – and your mount is sent skyward.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: Price

The rack lifts four inches from the rest. The height of the platform at rest is adjustable from 10 to 14 inches above the ground. This range allows you to slip the rack under smaller track bikes with relatively low ground clearance, as well as large mountain bikes.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: Honda CRF250F

Lifting the motorcycle in the air simplifies tire and chain maintenance. With the wheels suspended in the air, you can remove one or both for tire or tube replacement. Measuring chain slack, adjusting chain tension, cleaning and lubricating is much easier when you can easily turn the rear wheel. Fly Racing Lift Stand works great at bath time as you can rotate the wheels to make sure the tires are spotless.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: For Sale

The H-shaped base is stable enough for general maintenance. There is no way to lock the platform in place so the bike is not rock solid in place. The rubber mat on the platform prevents the bike from slipping.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: MSRP

To put the wheels back on solid ground, all you need to do is lift the foot lever and the cushioned platform lowers slowly and smoothly.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: Suzuki RMX450

I have been using the Fly Racing Lift Stand for almost five years, in my garage and in the field. It has always run flawlessly and remains in excellent condition after many uses with a wide variety of off-road motorcycles.


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