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7:03 p.m. PST, January 3, 2022

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Loeb wins stage 2 in Dakar, moves closer to the top of the general classification Mon, 03 Jan 2022 17:18:03 +0000

Sébastien Loeb won the second stage of the Dakar Rally on Monday, and closed the gap on the leader of General Nasser Al-Attiyah.

Loeb, a nine-time world rally champion, covered the 339 kilometer / 210.465 mile segment in three hours and 25 minutes to claim his 15th stage victory in Dakar, and the first since 2019. The 47-year-old Frenchman won a first victory. for Bahrain Raid Xtreme, finishing 3m28s ahead of finalist Al-Attiyah.

Additionally, the Prodrive Hunter driven by Loeb made history by becoming the first car to win a Dakar rally stage powered by sustainable fuel. The vehicle runs on Prodrive EcoPower, which is made from agricultural waste and reduces CO2 emissions by 80% compared to gasoline.

“It was a real battle because Nasser was pushing really hard on the sand as he opened the stage and really fast,” said Loeb. “We pushed hard like we were in a 340km WRC rally, so it was exciting and really tough, but we have a fantastic result at the end. Towards the end of the stage Nasser and I were riding through the dunes together but then there were a lot of rocks so I tried to lead so I could pick the line and try to avoid a puncture so we could be okay. complete the stage, because yesterday I had two apartments.

“It wasn’t such a big sailing question today, as the line was really clear for Fabian and me. This is a fantastic result for BRX and proof of the benefits of a durable fuel for such long distance events. After a tremendous amount of work from so many people over so many months, we are proud to take this first step for the team.

Al-Attiyay, three-time Dakar champion at the wheel of Toyota Gazoo Racing, saw his overall lead tighten to just 9m16 over Loeb.

Another three-time Dakar champion Carlos Sainz bounced back from his sailing difficulties on Matchday 1 to finish third of the day for Team Audi Sport. Although he climbed into the top 30 of the general classification, the Spaniard remains more than two hours from first place.

Joan Barreda Bort beat her rivals on motorcycles to claim a second stage victory, driving on the sand with Monster Energy Honda in 3h31m20s. The Spaniard is in 10th place after the stage victory, but is ahead of category leader Sam Sunderland, who finished second on the day, by 20m25.

Skyler Howes led the way for the Americans on Matchday 2 with a fourth place finish. Andrew Short finished ninth, while 2020 winner Ricky Brabac crossed the line in 15th. In the general classification of the class, Howes is fifth, 9m59s behind Sunderland. Short is 16th, just ahead of Brabac 19th.

“I don’t think I had a difficult day today, I didn’t really make a mistake,” said Brabac. “It was a very cold day. I started out pretty far and for me it was like a motocross track, no navigation. I had a lot of lines to follow. The hardest part was riding in the wet sand with the big ruts that had been made by the bikes that had come out in front. It was a very quick stage.

“We started to sink into the sand dunes and it was a physical day. It’s only the second day… let’s hope we have some energy at the end of the rally! We will continue to push for the next few days because we are really far behind. Yesterday 90 percent of the contestants got lost with notes that didn’t make sense and today I had another problem like this. The Dakar is tough.

Despite the victory of stage 1 in the light prototypes, the American Seth Quintero suffered mechanical problems in stage 2, won by Guillaume de Mevius. In SSV, the American Austin Jones regained the lead in the general classification for 1m52s after winning the second stage.

On Tuesday, a third stage will stretch 255 kilometers / 158.45 miles from Al Artawiyah to Al Qaysumah.

Classification of the Dakar Rally 2022 after stage 2


  1. N. AL-ATTIYAH (QAT) TOYOTA 06:59:21
  2. S. LOEB (FRA) BRX +09: 16
  3. L. ALVAREZ (ARG) TOYOTA +40: 53
  4. G. DE VILLIERS (ZAF) TOYOTA +41: 22
  5. V. VASILYEV (RUS) VRT +43: 39


  1. S. SUNDERLAND (GBR) GAS GAS 08:31:29
  2. A. VAN BEVEREN (FRA) YAMAHA +02: 51
  3. D. SANDERS (AUS) GAS GAS +03: 29
  4. M. WALKNER (AUT) KTM +04: 08
  5. S. HOWES (United States) HUSQVARNA +09: 59


  1. D. SOTNIKOV (RUS) KAMAZ 07:59:07
  2. E. NIKOLAEV (RUS) KAMAZ +02: 07
  3. A. KARGINOV (RUS) KAMAZ +18: 34
  4. A. SHIBALOV (RUS) KAMAZ +22: 43
  5. A. LOPRAIS (CZE) PRAGA +31: 11


  1. F. LOPEZ CONTARDO (CHL) CAN-AM 08:30:15
  2. S. ERIKSSON (SWE) CAN-AM +07: 22
  3. P. LEBEDEV (RUS) CAN-AM +23: 48
  4. C. GUTIERREZ (ESP) OT3 +42: 45
  5. P. PINCHEDEZ (FRA) PINCH +48: 19

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Fly Racing Lift Support Review [Long-Term Test Under Dirt Bikes] Mon, 03 Jan 2022 07:32:57 +0000

Fixed motorcycle racks for off-road motorcycles are great except for one thing: you have to lift the motorcycle on it. This is not a problem for some people; it is a compromise for others. Either way, at the end of a hard day’s riding, lifting a 250+ pound motorcycle into the air and spinning it around isn’t something I look forward to. Instead, I rely on the Fly race Raise the stand to lift a motorcycle off the ground.

The Fly Racing Lift Stand is a simple yet effective unit with an MSRP of $ 75. It lifts the motorcycle with your body weight on a lever, rather than relying on upper body strength. You simply slide the rack under the platform, press your foot on the lift lever – tough enough for bikes near the top of its 330-pound weight limit – and your mount is sent skyward.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: Price

The rack lifts four inches from the rest. The height of the platform at rest is adjustable from 10 to 14 inches above the ground. This range allows you to slip the rack under smaller track bikes with relatively low ground clearance, as well as large mountain bikes.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: Honda CRF250F

Lifting the motorcycle in the air simplifies tire and chain maintenance. With the wheels suspended in the air, you can remove one or both for tire or tube replacement. Measuring chain slack, adjusting chain tension, cleaning and lubricating is much easier when you can easily turn the rear wheel. Fly Racing Lift Stand works great at bath time as you can rotate the wheels to make sure the tires are spotless.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: For Sale

The H-shaped base is stable enough for general maintenance. There is no way to lock the platform in place so the bike is not rock solid in place. The rubber mat on the platform prevents the bike from slipping.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: MSRP

To put the wheels back on solid ground, all you need to do is lift the foot lever and the cushioned platform lowers slowly and smoothly.

Fly Racing Lift Support Review: Suzuki RMX450

I have been using the Fly Racing Lift Stand for almost five years, in my garage and in the field. It has always run flawlessly and remains in excellent condition after many uses with a wide variety of off-road motorcycles.

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Motor Vehicle Law: Life Tax Increases Purchase Price of New Vehicle | Vijayawada News Sun, 02 Jan 2022 22:42:00 +0000 Vijayawada: With the entry into force of the amended Motor Vehicle Law on January 1, the prices of new vehicles will increase in Andhra Pradesh. As the green tax has also been increased on older vehicles, vehicle owners will also have to pay a higher tax.
The state government recently passed the amended Motor Vehicle Act. The tax tiles have been amended in accordance with the new Motor Vehicle Law adopted by the Union government.
The lifetime tax brackets have been increased from 1% to 4% depending on the price of the vehicle. If the cost of the vehicle is less than 5 lakh, a 13% tax will be imposed on the existing 12%. For vehicles that cost more than 5 lakh and less than 10 lakh, the tax has been increased from 12% to 14%. For vehicles between 10 lakh and 20 lakh, the lifetime tax would be 17%. For vehicles priced over 20 lakh, 18% tax must be paid.
Regarding the green tax, the state government imposed an amount equivalent to half of the quarterly tax on transport vehicles less than seven years old. If the age of the vehicle is greater than seven years and less than 10 years, the ecotax would be an equivalent amount of quarterly tax. If the age of the vehicle is over 12 years, double the quarterly tax must be paid as an ecotax. ]]>
Magna claims he can increase EV range by 30%, with software and control much of it Sun, 02 Jan 2022 13:35:00 +0000

Automotive supplier Magna is launching a full set of electric powertrains that the company says can increase range by up to 30 percent.

Called EtelligentReach, the powertrain will debut on a “newcomer vehicle” in 2022, Magna said in a press release. It includes two electric motors, inverters, and gearboxes, but Magna said most of the efficiency gains will come from a holistic software approach.

The accompanying software package was designed to oversee many vehicle functions at once through a modular control unit, ensuring that the mechanical components work together to deliver maximum efficiency, according to Magna.

Magna EtelligentReach

The company will also include a transmission disconnect, which could help improve efficiency by decoupling an engine under light loads, as well as torque vectoring and multiple drive modes.

Magna is hired to build the Fisker Ocean electric SUV, but it’s unclear if this is the new vehicle the supplier will use to launch EtelligentReach. Fisker said he put much of his own development in the ocean, while borrowing some things from Magna.

However, we do wonder if this “single clutch” that Henrik Fisker teased is the same as the disconnect feature that Magna mentioned.

Fisker Ocean 2023 prototype

Fisker Ocean 2023 prototype

We know that Magna will supply some of the basic architecture for the Ocean, scheduled for production on November 17, 2022, at the Magna-Steyr factory in Graz, Austria.

This factory currently manufactures the Jaguar I-Pace, which Magna used as a demonstrator for both the EtelligentReach system and the e4 system that we sampled in a prototype last year. This system also used Magna’s engines, gearboxes and front and rear software. Magna claimed a 25% improvement in range over the stock I-Pace.

Magna has been very active in EV components lately; earlier last year, it introduced a modular solution called eBeam as a way to electrify body-on-chassis trucks.

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Critique of the missing link [Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Doco] Sun, 02 Jan 2022 03:34:26 +0000

Calling a movie a “documentary” can describe it as a dry, unimaginative recitation of facts, figures, dates and times. This is not the case with Walter: The Missing Link – Discovery of a century-old motorcycle.

This latest take on writer / director / producer James Cutting is a gripping tale of the long history, preservation, salvage and restoration of a 1913 Harley-Davidson 9G avant-car, ultimately named Walter.

blu-ray disc

The film gives an overview of the three-wheeled vehicles and the different configurations that were used. From this technical introduction instead of the Forecar, the story specific to Walter is recalled.

This particular machine was purchased new by Lemke Electric of Milwaukee, one of Harley-Davidson’s original equipment suppliers for electrical components, which Lemke delivered in its new Forecar.

The next owner was Joe “Ally” Schuster, a trained mechanic who owned Schuster’s garage, who had long-standing plans for a full machine restoration. As is often the case with such projects, everyday life got in the way and the Forecar sat in the straw of a barn for 40 years.

Finally, in 1964, Schuster and his old friend Rich Dickinson took the machine out of the hay mower and began the restoration process in earnest. Around this time, word of the existence of a Model 9G Forecar reached Walter C. Davidson of the founding Davidson family at Harley-Davidson.

Since until then, even Harley-Davidson experts believed that none of the 9G Forecar models survived, Davidson was extremely interested in Schuster’s project. Acquiring it became a goal for Davidson, so he invited Joe Schuster and his grandson, Mike, to visit the Harley-Davidson offices and factory in Milwaukee.

After receiving the tour of the facility and the overall royal treatment, Davidson got down to business, offering Joe $ 20,000 in cash, any new Harley-Davidson motorcycle he wanted, along with all the accessories and clothes he wanted in exchange for his Forecar, as is.

As tempting as the offer must have been, Joe declined, explaining that he planned to complete the restoration with his grandson Mike. This level of commitment to the project by Joe led Mike to continue the project with the same dedication after Joe’s death in 1967.

The cut reveals the remarkable work done by Mike and the many skilled artisans he engaged in the restoration project over the next 20 years. There were also some interesting bends with a bit of mystery in the story regarding parts and components – the Troxel leather saddle, for example.

Early in Walter’s story, the original leather spring saddle went missing – presumed stolen. Years later, the saddle was returned – in near-new condition – becoming one of the few components in the construction that required virtually no additional repair work and no definitive explanation for its disappearance.

In 2000 Mike was diagnosed with cancer and the resulting medical bills forced him to consider selling the Forecar. He began to seek advice and ratings on the potential value of the machine. Estimates ranged from $ 600,000 to $ 1.2 million, although the vehicle had not yet been fully reassembled.

During this process, Mike met several key people in the eventual sale of the machine, and the Cutting producer learned about them. Indeed, it was Cutting who suggested the nickname “Walter” for the historic Harley-Davidson and helped find a new owner.

In a unique twist in the winding portion of the story, Mike was given an area in the Washington County Historical Society Museum to complete the reassembly process in public view.

Harley davidson "Walter" - the only Forecar 9G known to exist

In 2013, as part of Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary celebration in Milwaukee, Walter was on display at the HD Museum. From 2014 to 2018, Walter was on display at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.

In 2018, classic motorcycle broker Glen Bator from Bator International was hired to help sell Walter. The following year Walter’s sale to Nick Felgate of Calgary was closed, but that wasn’t the end of the story.

So far, despite having been physically reassembled and mechanically complete as the original, Mike Schuster had decided not to start this incredibly rare engine during his time as owner.

Driving the Harley-Davidson Forecar "Walter"

The Felgates, as the new owners, believed that Walter’s story would really come to a fitting conclusion if the machine could be put back into working order. In another ironic turn of the story, it turned out that the original Bosch magneto was in need of a rebuild – it was one of the types of electrical components that Lemke Electric allegedly used Walter to deliver to the Harley-Davidson factory at the time!

Thanks to a few cross-border exploits, a rebuilt Bosch ZEV magneto was purchased at short notice and installed. With Mike Schuster doing the honors on the pedal starter, the old engine has come back to life.

Walter: The Missing Link Movie

Walter: The Missing Link – Discovery of a century-old motorcycle features commentary on the machine by many personalities, including Jay Leno, and presents the story of a one-of-a-kind machine, its long and winding road to restoration and its place in the history of a community, d ‘a business and a family.

Although you can download the movie or purchase the DVD or Blu-ray disc, if you want to watch Walter: The Missing Link – Discovery of a century-old motorcycle on the big screen, the documentary will be shown at the Barrymore Theater in Madison, Wisc., as part of the Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Film Festival in spring 2022.

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10 things no one knows about the Fast and Furious Supra Paul Walker Drove Sat, 01 Jan 2022 13:30:00 +0000

In the early 2000s, the famous Fast and furious the franchise was born. No one could have imagined the cultural revolution that this would inspire.

While Japanese sports cars have performed well in their domestic market, the rest of the world has struggled to beat the uninspiring stock performance figures and less than spectacular chassis. Unbeknownst to the Western world of the potential they hold, JDM cars are truly a blank canvas and needed something to help the world conceptualize their capabilities. This is exactly what this bright orange Toyota Supra gave to the world, it was the finished work of art that changed the face of the auto industry.

ten Reference tuner

Toyota Supra - Front Quarter
Via WSupercars

It’s certainly not to everyone’s liking, it’s loud, brash, and in many ways unconventional. Just as art should be.

Toyota Supra - Side view
Via Mecum Auctions

It gave everyone a more precise perspective, just an individual’s perspective on what these cars might look like and how fast they could go (well, theoretically) in good hands.

9 Already edited before the film

1996 Toyota Supra

Unlike the cinematic depiction of the car being rediscovered and restored / modified to perfection, or the usual Hollywood approach of ‘making it look pretty’, this hero car was already a show car.

1993 Toyota Supra Stunt Double Mecum cropped

It was actually already a winner, having won a few auto shows before being used in the film.

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8 Increase value on its own


The unfortunate side effect for all involved was its increased value, the film was made after the Mk 4 Supra had already been pulled from the North American market. Ironically, this happened because it didn’t sell very well, and now everyone wanted one.

via: Pinterest

Those who did get one would then modify it to their subjective liking (above), making non-assaulted examples extremely rare. Prices have steadily increased to this day, now a good stock car will easily fetch six figures.

seven Troy Lee designs a nuclear gladiator

1994 Toyota Supra Mark IV racing driven by Brian O'Conner, the character of Paul Walker in Fast and Furious
Via: GhostRacersClubHD Youtube

Perhaps the most distinctive part of the car is the graphics on the sides, which represent what has been dubbed a “Nuclear Gladiator” during the race.


This particular piece of art was written by Troy Lee Designs, a brand that has continued to grow stronger, especially in the motocross world.

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6 Everything about the engine

Via Mecum Auctions

As solid as the entire design was, it was very 90s and understated to say the least. What hasn’t been underestimated is its incredible 2JZ inline-6 ​​twin-turbo engine.

Via Mecum Auctions

In search of more power, most tuners ditch the two turbos in favor of a larger, more lag-prone single turbo. For this particular hero car, the upgrades were only cosmetic, just enough to make it a believable “10 second car”.

5 It has an automatic transmission

Toyota Supra First Scene Ferrari 3 Cropped
Via YouTube

Where the orange superstar loses all of its “street-cred” is in the black 4-speed snowbox that sends power to the rear.

Toyota Supra Mk 4 Auto

The movie depicts Walker shifting gears, but this was shot from inside (we suspect) one of the other stunt cars. The real car, rather unfortunately has a car, which, if it was a regular Mk 4, would have cut the value in half.

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4 Had more than one on-screen appearance

2Fast2Furious Toyota Supra MKIV 2 cropped

It’s anything but an ordinary Mk 4 Supra, it’s a car with a story. Not one but two appearances in The fast and the furious franchise.

2Fast2Furious Toyota Supra MKIV Cropped

After finishing shooting the first movie, it sat in storage for a while before morphing into the Golden Supra driven by Slap Jack in 2 fast 2 furious. It was then auctioned off and restored to its original (not so original) condition from the first film, thankfully.

3 Bone stock under the hood

Fast & Furious modified Dodge Charger and Toyota Supra
via the automatic guide

This is one of those ‘all show and no go’ Hollywood specials, even though it was a tuner from the start it was all about looks and less actual performance.

Toyota Supra Mk4 engine compartment view

For a 2JZ, it’s actually quite rare, making it a more fun daily driver than a performance car (this is an automatic recall).

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2 More than just a car

1993 Toyota Supra Stunt Double Mecum 2 cropped

In the end, it’s more than any old JDM, it’s a car that pretty much inspired a generation of car enthusiasts.

source: wsupercars

It wasn’t like there hadn’t been a JDM car scene back then, it was just lurking in the shadows. These films put this automotive culture at the forefront of everyone’s minds, like it or not.

1 Cultural icon

supra drift
via unsplash

It’s this orange Supra that represents the JDM automotive culture that has become so popular today, making it more than just a car, but more of an icon.

Toyota Supra MKIV modified
Garage dreams

Not everyone likes the Supra. It’s a car with several flaws, but it has become the star child of this heavy new technological era in auto modification culture that has a kind of romantic relationship with auto enthusiasts.

Paul Walker Cars
Paul Walker’s car collection goes up for auction

Paul Walker’s estate is auctioning 21 cars that belonged to the late Paul Walker, and there are plenty of BMW M3s.

Read more

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What the UK Home and Auto Insurance Disruption Means for the Price You Pay Assurance Sat, 01 Jan 2022 07:00:00 +0000

The biggest upheaval in the insurance industry in decades comes on New Years Day, when insurers will be banned from offering policyholders a higher price for renewing home or auto insurance than they would for. a new customer. This decision will improve the situation for some customers, but others should pay more.

What does it all mean?

After years of complaints that customers who regularly change insurers were paying significantly lower premiums than those who renewed automatically, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said both groups of customers should now be offered the same price.

The FCA had found evidence that insurers attracted new customers with artificially low prices, then increased premiums over the following years – a practice known in the art as “price walking.” Insurers have also been found to cynically target customers they believe are less likely to change in the future. This decision aims to put an end to the two-tier insurance market that has developed as a result.

How will it work?

If the regulations are enforced as intended, an auto or home insurance customer receiving their renewal notice at the end of the year will be billed the same premium as if they requested to switch to that company from a competing insurer. Until now, insurers have offered generous discounts in the first year – often at cost or below – to entice customers in the hope that they would be able to increase their premiums in subsequent years.

However, it is a little more complicated than it seems at first glance. Insurers must demonstrate, overall, that they are billing new and existing customers who obtain insurance through the same “channel” at the same price. In effect, this means that insurers can still charge different rates for customers who use different price comparison sites (channels), but they cannot favor new customers over existing customers.

The changes could be bad news for customers who change insurers every year. Photograph: Panther Media GmbH / Alamy

What does this mean for the prices?

The move appears to be bad news for households that change home and auto insurers every year in search of the lowest premiums for new customers. Nothing prevented people from switching providers each year to take advantage of the discounted offers – and millions of people have done so. This group will no doubt end up paying more each year to insure their home and car because those discounts will no longer be there. Conversely, the FCA has said it expects loyal customers who automatically renew their policies to save £ 120 a year each.

Martin Lewis, the founder of the MoneySavingExpert website and one of those who helped turn UK consumers into a nation of switches, said: Rates will be closer to the middle as happened in 2012, when insurers have been banned from gender price discrimination. This means that the savings resulting from the change are likely to decrease relatively.

“We still don’t know how exactly that will work, but switch prices will most likely be relatively higher for January. “

Overall, insurance prices will continue to rise (and sometimes fall as happened during the pandemic), but they should move the same for all customers – rather than those that change regularly. .

Will it still be worth doing a price comparison on renewal?

Yes and that is still the best advice. Insurers tend to target different segments of the market, and some may still want to attract you as a customer and will quote accordingly. The big savings from switching products will probably be a thing of the past, but there will always be savings to be made. Expect insurers to continue offering deals through price comparison websites like Moneysupermarket, ComparetheMarket, etc. New entrants will always offer attractive prices to attract customers.

It should be noted that the price walk was particularly prevalent in the home insurance market where renewal contracts were often charged double or even triple what they would have paid as a new customer of the same company. .

Anyone who has not traded home insurance in recent years is advised to do a price comparison when renewing it. Guardian Money is regularly contacted by people who are shocked to find out what their elderly friends and relatives have paid for their home insurance. Households found themselves paying almost £ 1,000 a year for coverage that could be purchased elsewhere, or even from the same provider, for £ 250.

New laws come into effect January 1 in DC, Maryland and Virginia – NBC4 Washington Fri, 31 Dec 2021 22:37:50 +0000

New laws will come into effect in the DC area on Saturday, January 1, 2022 relating to plastic bags, leaf blowers, disposable utensils, auto insurance and more. Here’s a preview.

New laws in Washington, DC

Gasoline leaf blowers: In an effort to reduce noise, the use and sale of gasoline-powered leaf blowers will be banned in the district from January 1, 2022. A new law states that any person or business caught using the one of the leaf blowers can be fined up to $ 500.

Violations can be reported to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Video and audio evidence of violations may be submitted but will not be required.

Discounts for residential and commercial electrical equipment are available. Go here for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Disposable utensils and catering waste: DC restaurants will be prohibited from automatically distributing disposable utensils, napkins, and condiment packages with orders, effective January 1, 2022. Restaurants and other “catering entities” must distribute these items on demand or have them in a store-service area so that customers can pick them up. Requirements apply to in-person, online and mobile orders. Go here for more information.

Entry requirement for vaccination: Later this month, starting January 15, DC will require people aged 12 and over to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter restaurants, bars and nightclubs. As News4 previously reported, the requirement will apply to cinemas, concert halls, gymnasiums, yoga studios and shared work facilities. Go here to see Mayor Muriel Bowser’s order.

New laws in Maryland

Minimum wage: Minimum Wage In Maryland Will Increase. On January 1, the rate will drop to $ 12.50 for people working for employers with 15 or more employees. It will increase to $ 12.20 for those working for employers with 14 or fewer employees.

Organ donation: Maryland residents who choose to be organ donors when registering their driver’s license as of July 1, 2022 will have the opportunity to decide whether they want their organs to go to research and education or transplantation and therapy. Motor vehicle administration locations must provide drivers with information about each choice. All organs donated before July 1 from previously registered donors can only be used for transplantation or therapy.

Genetic counselors: A new law requires the Maryland Board of Physicians to license genetic counselors and establish a genetic counseling advisory committee within the board. Genetic counselors give patients and families information about genetic testing and how genetic diseases might affect them.

New laws in Virginia

Minimum wage: Statewide, the minimum hourly wage will drop to $ 11 an hour on January 1, 2022.

Special ID for undocumented residents: Beginning January 3, undocumented residents of Virginia can apply for a special ID card from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Undocumented children are also eligible to receive ID. The legislation was sponsored by Del. Elizabeth Guzmán.

In January 2021, undocumented drivers in Virginia became eligible to apply for a special driver’s license called a driver’s privilege card. It is estimated that more than 300,000 people could benefit from it. Read more here.

Plastic bag tax: Locally, the City of Alexandria, Arlington County and Fairfax County have passed a 5-cent tax on disposable plastic shopping bags like those found in grocery stores, convenience stores and drugstores. The tax will affect buyers and go into effect in all three jurisdictions on January 1, 2022.

The revenues collected will help finance “cleaning up the environment, providing education programs designed to reduce environmental waste and mitigate pollution and waste.” The law does not prohibit plastic bags.

Calendar of local elections: Statewide, municipal elections for Virginia City Council and School Board will be moved from May to November, beginning with elections to be held after January 1, 2022.

Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act: Is your house at risk of flooding? Homeowners in Virginia who know their property is a “repeat risk loss structure” should disclose this fact to their home buyer using a form provided by the Real Estate Board.

The state defines the “recurring risk loss structure” as any home that has two or more claims over $ 1,000 that have been paid by the National Flood Insurance Program since 1978.

Inhalers in public schools: Schools in Virginia are going to change the way they treat students with asthma.

In the new year, local school boards are required to create and enact policies allowing certain school employees to administer albuterol inhalers to students “deemed in good faith to need such drugs.” . By law, those who administer the drug will be exempt from all liability.

Students with asthma or anaphylaxis, or both, will also be allowed to own and self-administer “inhaled asthma medication or self-injectable epinephrine.”

Automobile liability insurance: Liability insurance coverage amounts will be increased for policies in effect between January 1, 2022 and January 1, 2025.

Coverage amounts will be increased from $ 25,000 to $ 30,000 for “personal injury or death of a person.” And from $ 50,000 to $ 60,000 in “cases of bodily injury or death of two or more persons”. Details on the amounts can be found here.

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10 things every motorcycle enthusiast should know about the 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Fri, 31 Dec 2021 14:30:00 +0000

The 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is one of the most versatile mid-weight motorcycles on sale in the United States. Offered for a base MSRP of $ 9,295, this is one of those rare motorcycles that could do it all with the utmost perfection. Daily trips to the office, 1,000 mile road trips, weekend breakfasts and more could be easily tackled by the 2022 Tiger Sport 660, and that’s something competitors lack.

Being a motorcycle with many personalities, the Tiger 660 2022 also retains all the characters of motorcycles like the Trident 660, the Street Triple and the larger Tiger 850 Sport. The 660cc engine is taken from the Triumph Trident, making it one of the most attractive touring motorcycles in the segment. The precise gearbox, great ride and handling and a long list of standard equipment are also part of other USPs. The Tiger Sport 660 is here to compete with the Kawasaki Versys 650 and the Honda CB500X.

RELATED: Triumph Tiger Sport 660 2022: Costs, Facts & Figures

ten Torquey motor and precise gear changes add to the fun

Via: Triumph

The Trident 660 liquid-cooled DOHC 12-valve inline three-cylinder in-line three-cylinder engine is quite synonymous with its class-leading refinement and growl, and the same goes for the Tiger Sport 660. The engine is very manoeuvrable at low revs and therefore driving on the streets is as pleasant as the Kawasaki Versys 650s parallel twin engine. The engine also sounds fantastic throughout the rev range.

Via: Triumph

We were also very impressed with the smooth power delivery in the midrange and unlike some of its rivals the Tiger Sport 660 has an excellent top end as well. The bike feels sharper than the 80 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque listed. What further complements the engine is the crisp gearbox, with a gear short enough for the initial gears and the larger final gears. This makes it exceptional in both cities and on highways.

9 The Tiger Sport 660 is extremely economical


The 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is one of the most fuel efficient offerings in the mid-weight adventure touring car segment. This bike also offers a huge fuel tank capacity of 4.5 gallons, which contributes to an impressive range.


The Tiger Sport 660 would easily return over 50 mpg even if you didn’t step on the accelerator. One of the reasons for the excellent gas mileage is due to the higher fifth and sixth gears, which makes it a superior roadster. Top notch gas mileage combined with adequate fuel tank capacity helps the bike achieve a combined range of over 225 miles.

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8 Crisp, feature-rich TFT display


Since the bike does not undergo any changes from iteration 2021, the TFT screen remains unchanged. This screen is bright enough and reveals all the necessary information. Viewing angles are also okay. However, we wish it was a bit bigger because some of the rivals have a much bigger TFT screen.

2022 Triumph Tigre Sport 660

All necessary information such as gear position indicator, speed, engine temperature, rpm, time and warnings are displayed in this instrument cluster. Along with this, the Tiger Sport 660 also reveals the riding modes via this screen, accessible via the buttons placed on the handlebars. With the optional Bluetooth module, navigation, music, calls, messages and many more can also be viewed.

seven Comes with all the required features


This mid-weight tourer comes with all the necessary features, most of which come standard. When it comes to driving, features like electric throttle with switchable traction control system, multiple drive modes (road and rain), ABS, and slip-assist clutch are just a few. of the main ones.


Apart from that, a full LED headlight with LED DRL, LED tail light and side indicators, auto-canceling indicators, etc. are also standard. Many optional features such as Triumph shift assist, side and top housings, knuckle guards, rubber tank pad, frame protectors, etc. can also be obtained at a reasonable price.

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6 Braking performance is top notch for the price

Via: Triumph

The 2022 Tiger Sport 660 is a motorcycle that could easily reach a top speed of almost 130 mph and is also reasonably heavy. Therefore, he should need reliable and powerful braking equipment to anchor the motorcycle in relation to gears. Fortunately, Triumph managed to implement the Nissin 2-piston sliding calipers with 310mm twin petal discs for the front.

Triumph's Tiger Sport 660 on the road
Via Google / Ultimate Motorcycling

The rear wheels are braked using the Nissin 1-piston sliding caliper with a 255mm disc. The front and rear are also fitted with ABS as standard. As for braking behavior, the front and rear offered decent feel and feedback when braking. The initial bite is probably the best in the segment, and the braking progression is decent as well. However, the frontal nose-down is slightly higher during hard front braking.

5 Probably the most maneuverable middleweight tourer

Via: Triumph

The Tiger Sport 660 has a claimed wet weight of 455 lbs and is quite large. Even though both are associated with a misbehaving motorcycle, this baby tourer is the exact opposite of that belief. Equipped with the Showa SFF 41mm inverted front fork, the bike handles wonderfully in the corners.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 from 2022
Via Google /

Steering is precise and could lean much better than the Kawasaki Versys 650. The Michelin Road 5 tires also do justice to the well-calibrated tubular steel perimeter chassis. The rear comes with the Showa monoshock with remote preload adjustment, and the rider can easily adjust the rear suspension to their liking. When the rear shock is set to the stiffest setting, the motorcycle will grip the road as if it were on the rail.

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4 Ride quality knew no compromise

Via: Triumph

Michelin Road 5 tires not only make the Tiger Sport 660 a great driver. It is well tuned to ride in all road conditions with the greatest comfort too. To take comfort to a whole new level, the front and rear suspension is set to a neutral position as standard, meaning it’s neither too soft nor too hard.

A pilot in a 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660.
Via: Triumph

As a result, the motorcycle could easily glide over rough roads at low speed without transmitting anything to the rider or passenger. As speeds increase, the ride remains surprisingly flat. The high speed stability is also very calm and the motorcycle does not move due to side winds on the highways.

3 Excellent ergonomics is a definite USP of the Tiger Sport 660

Via: Triumph

One of the things everyone who’s piloted the Tiger loves is the upright sitting position. This Baby Tiger also comes with the same amazing view from the saddle, and it’s a sure USP of this bike. The high handlebars, wide and well-exposed side mirrors and the precise positioning of all buttons and switches are also an added advantage.


The slightly set back footrests of the Tiger Sport 660 make it very comfortable for tall Americans, as it provides more than enough legroom. Even the passenger would be happy with the position of the footrests and the soft, well-reinforced saddle. A grab handle is also provided.

2 Attractive design language

A blue 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 parked by the side of the road.
Via: Triumph

The 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 looks macho from every angle. Even though this is a mid-weight touring bike, Triumph has focused on both design and function, which cannot be said of all rivals. Offered in three color combinations, the Tiger Sport 660 looks striking when viewed from the front due to the LED headlight, massive windshield, and neat exhaust manifolds.


The side profile is highlighted by the well-integrated side cases and a single top case, both of which are part of the Triumphs optional accessory list. The neat partial fairing, body-colored engine cover and blacked-out engines add to the character. The rear looks a bit watered down, especially compared to the front and sides. However, the taillight and LED turn signals and the short tail look decent.

1 The build quality is at the rendezvous with the best of the segment

Via: Triumph

As a British brand, Triumph has never compromised on the build quality of its motorcycles. The same philosophy is found in the 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660, which offers a much more premium experience, especially for a sufficiently low price of just over $ 9,000. The panels and other body parts of the Tiger Sport 660 appear sturdy and could easily withstand any abuse it could be exposed to.

Via: Triumph

Switches and levers are some of the areas where motorcycle manufacturers typically cut costs. However, this middleweight tourer couldn’t be faulted for it. The paint quality is easily one of the best in the segment, and there’s no orange peel anywhere. Most of the components are rubber mounted, which also helps eliminate vibration.

An elegant Triumph Tiger Sport 660
Here’s everything we know about the Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Aimed at the entry-level ADV market, the Tiger Sport 660 looks promising.

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